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Taiwan Hiring: Food Factory Workers for Evergreen

Company: Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation
Company Overview:
Founded in 1993, Evergreen Sky Catering Corp. is a large organization in the food preparers industry located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. It has approximately 965 full-time employees and generates $77 million in annual revenue.
Chang Hsing Rd., Sec. 4, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Food processing, Food preparer
-Male, 20-30yrs old
-Vocational graduate / 2yrs or 4yrs in college
-Height: 167cm above
-Weight: 85kg below
-With food processing work experience
-No tattoo, not colorblind
-For First timer


1. Passport (at least valid for 1 Year)
2. NBI Clearance- Multipurpose
3. Birth Certificate from PSA
4. Marriage Contract with reciept (FEMALE only)
5. Diploma or Certificate of Graduates, Form 137
6. Diploma or Certificate or Graduate & Transcript of Records
8. Voters ID or Voters Certificate from Colemec:
     Certificate of non- availability of Registered records.
9. 3 Pcs. Valid IDs (Government, Employment, School.)
10. Printed PEOS certificate
Link: http://www.peos.poea.gov.ph/
11. E-Registration Certificate
Link: https://eservices.poea.gov.ph/Home
12. Information Sheet for POEA (Ex-abroad only)
13. SSS Contribution (Employment history print -out)

In Old Passport was lost:
**  Certificate of Entry and Exit from Bureau of Immigration
** Notarized Affidavit of Loss

How to apply?
Agency: Sky Bourne International, Inc.
Address: 1679 Dian St, Makati, 1234 Metro Manila, Philippines

Typhoon Bailu Left Southern Taiwan With Hefty Of Damages

Taitung and Pingtung were the first to bear the brunt of the storm with lots of households in southern Taiwan experienced blackout after Tropical Storm Bailu swept the region.

Bailu blew strong gust of more than 12 levels and the rainfall in the mountainous area exceeded 300 millimeters. The strong winds broke the transmission cable causing power outage.

There are people trapped in the high flood in the road as resuers managed to take them out for safety.

Lots of crops and agricultural planta left out by the strong winds and heavy rains. There were also reported mudslides along the highways.

Still, expect more rainshowers as Bailu is leaving Taiwan.


Apple Sidra Recalls 1.2 Million Bottles Due To Foreign Material Found By Consumers

Apple Sidra has launched a recall of 2-liter bottles of the soda from the domestic market, reported by Central News Agency.

The company decided to recall and destroy all 2-liter bottles of Apple Sidra produced between July 1 and Aug. 18, or 1.2 million bottles in total.

The product has seen substandard after several consumers complained of foreign material or substances being seen in the beverage.

Apple Sidra is based in New Taipei under Oceanic Beverage Co., Inc.  as the products recieves lots of complain including from its retailers.

It is estimated that about 80,000 of the 2-liter bottles of the drink could be problematic and the company now investigates the problem.

OFW In Taiwan Paid NT$150k For A Job In Europe; Ended Up With No Job

In a post by MECO POLO Taichung, another OFW in Taiwan gamble for a work in Europe due to the high salary in the region.

According the post an unnamed worker breaks its contract in Innolux Tainan and pay a hefty amount of NT$150,000 to a 'agent' named Ligaya. 

The OFW have successfully have its flight to Prague but the problem is there is no job waiting and ended up empty handed.

See below post from MECO POLO Taichung:

MECO always give stern warning to all OFW working in Taiwan not to gamble for work in Europe specially transacting to a unknown person which are illegal recruiters.

Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung County and Taitung Announce Closure Of Offices And Classes On Saturday

Four cities and counties in southern Taiwan announced school and office closures for Saturday, Tropical Storm Bailu is expected to hit Taiwan on Saturday, reported by Central News Agency.

Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County and Taitung County announced closures according to the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration of Taiwan.

Bailu was packing maximum sustained winds of 100.8 kph, with gusts of up to 126 kph. It is currently located at sea about 452 kilometers southeast of Taiwan, moving at a speed of 29 kilometers per hour


Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers For IST Sports Co Ltd

IST Sports Co Ltd

IST, founded in 1976, started out as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), producing quality masks and snorkels for well-known international brands. From that foundation, IST developed a solid reputation in supplying quality and reliable products in conjunction with our renowned, excellent back-up service.


Candidates must have at least 2 YEARS COLLEGE GRADUATE

The job requires MALE applicants only

Applicants must be 25 to 32 years old

Height Requirement 165cm & Above

Weight Requirement 60-70kgs

With experience in STOCKROOM and DELIVERY and RECEIVING



MELAKOM GLOBAL SERVICES INC located at G/F, Goodwill Bldg, 1662 Leon Guinto St, Malate, Manila


Taiwan To Issue Early Sea And Land Warnings As Bailu Approaches

Taiwan may issue ang early sea and land warning in Taiwan and will see the Bailu makes a landfall by Saturday.

Typhoon Bailu is coming to the forefront and is expected to go straight to Taiwan. Since the typhoon of Bailu is quite close to Taiwan, and the route will pass through the cold water area, it is expected that it will land in Taiwan with light intensity, but still can not be ignored as it will still bring strong winds and heavy rain.

The Central Weather Burea pointed out that Bailu is packing a speed of 15 kilometers per hour with maximum wind speed of 20m/s and gust 28m/s.

The chances of entering Taiwan by Saturday and Sunday (24 and 25) are high, which will bring strong wind and heavy rain.  However, the intensity of wind and rain around the country remains to be seen.

Currently, Bailu have shifted south of Taiwan.

PTI forecast for high production loading until the end of 2019

Memorychip packager and tester Powertech Technology Inc said that its customers demand are now recovering from the slump. It is a rebound from the US-China trade tensions as the company has a positive outlook.

“This year will be a tough one for the global semiconductor industry, especially for the memory [industry]. However, the toughest period has passed,” Powertech president Hung Chia-yu said.

“Over the past one or two weeks, customers have been chasing us for more supply,” Hung said. “Customer demand has exceeded what the industry can supply.”

The utilization of PTI’s chip packaging equipment to forecast and climb 80%. With Micron technology trims its production and Japan’s export ban on South Korea semiconductor materials will give big boost to the company.

An OFW lesbian from United Kingdom seek help to Raffy tulfo in Action. Who had been cheated by her girlfriend with another man and use her 1million pesos

Wilfredo Velasco come to "Raffy Tulfo in Action”  who is a representative of his aunt Eva Berja who is lesbian said that she's had been cheated by her girlfriend with another man and sad to say that the girl use her money amounting of 1 million pesos

Eva is working in the U.K. and she’s complaining about her girlfriend in the Philippines named Jelene Azote, who works for a motor company in Pallocan East, Batangas as a Financing/Credit Investigator.
Eva has given and spent money amounting to a million pesos for Jelene as their wedding day is also near.
All of Eva’s friends and sponsors have already had their gowns made for the wedding.
But what’s heartbreaking is that Eva found out that Jelene has been cheating on her with a man. Whom she caught on Facebook.
 “Napaniwala mo ako na mahal na mahal mo ako. Pagkatapos bigla ko na lang makikita sa Facebook ang dami mo palang lalaki!,” Eva said in live interview
Eva was even planning to give Jelene’s father a car, buy and sell business, and a condo unit. But Jelene still cheated on her 
Eva was still kind til the end, she did not ask Jelene to give her back the money but only asked for a public apology on Facebook.

Courtesy of Raffy Tulfo in Action:

Watch here!!!

OFW gets the result Unfit to work gets another medical for second opinion and stated she was fit to work...how does it happen?

Filipino applicants need to secure medical examination stated that you are fit to work abroad it is the most important requirement of all OFW around the world so as you can leave the country and work abroad.
Some applicants easily get positive results while others remain devastated as they receive an “unfit to work” certification.
Rachell Roxas got the most devastating medical examination result "unfit to work".
Roxas previously worked in Taiwan for seven years. She is the breadwinner of her family and also has two children who solely depends on her.
However, she had to return to the Philippines as her contract already ended last 2014.
A broker who handles her previous employer contacted Roxas and asked her to come back to Taiwan and worked again under the World Wiser Agency, who is also the one processing her requirements.
St. Peter-Paul Medical Clinic situated in Ermita to get the medical examination done. It was also the clinic suggested by her agency.
Roxas was asked to perform a medical examination. But the result was she is unfit to work, stated by the doctor of the clinic who performed the medical examination on her.
According to the medical examination, Roxas acquired tuberculosis making her unfit to work abroad, as confirmed by Dra. Cynthia Romero, her attending physician.
Roxas’ journey to acquire a medical certification didn’t end with that. She had a second opinion at the Lung Center of the Philippines.
Doctors, there has a different opinion. According to their expert physician, the x-ray shows only a small scar in her lungs, something that will never affect her pulmonary system and not even contagious
Doctors at the Lung Center of the Philippines confirmed that Roxas indeed is fit to work, travel or study.

She went to Mr. Ben Tulfo for help and assistance to prove that she is fit to work abroad and the St.Peter-Paul Medical Clinic is so unfair in giving a result of her unfit to work, which also happened to other applicants who conducted medical examination by them.

Roxas also told to Bitag that the Lung Center of the Philippines said that the St.Peter-Paul Medical Clinic already had a problem even before it should have to be close.

Courtesy of BITAG

Watch here!!!


OFW Story: A sad story of a whole Family that where destroy by an itchy mistress

It's heartbreaking to see a family that's slowly falling apart. But sad to say it happens most of the time to OFW families because of infidelity.

Infidelity is not exclusive to families in the Philippines. There are a lot of Filipino workers abroad who are getting involved in a relationship despite having a family and children in the Philippines.
Most of them, homesickness is the reason, but no matter what it is, giving your children a broken home is unacceptable.
To add to the long list of broken OFW families, Facebook user EX Ortega shared her very own experience on her social media account.
According to Ortega, her husband first went to Saudi Arabia last 2009, intending to provide a better future for their kids.
Their communication was maintained until 2013. Her husband said that video call apps are blocked in Saudi. She instantly believed her husband, knowing that he is a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo.
It was then that their communication became seldom. However, Ortega, later on, found out that her husband has a Facebook account, one thing that he never told her.

It was then that she saw a Facebook user who kept on commenting on the photos of her husband. She sensed that something is wrong but still ignored that feeling because she trusted him.

2014 until 2017 husband still managed to return to them, she senses something wrong he never joined his family to church. Later on, she found out that he stopped going to church and lived with his mistress.

September 2018 he returned into the Philippines but not to his family but his parents in LaPaz.he bad-mouthed his wife and claimed that she is a total liar
They decided to break up and talked about allotment of their children at 1st he constantly sends money but later on, he stopped sending money to his children and refused to talk to them.

Ortega is staying strong for her children. Believing they will get through all of these troubles in life without his husband on their side

Philippine Government Cleanses Agencies; Suspends, Cancels And Blacklists Erring Agencies And Recruiters

Philippine government suspends, cancelled and blacklist recruitment agencies with undesirable recruitment activities as the government wants to get rid of this kinds of placement agencies.

Below are the list of all suspended, cancelled, and blacklists agencies released by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Agencies with cancelled licenses:
1. Rufean International Resources
2. Ace Globe Management Consultancy Services Corp
3. Federal Overseas Manpower Inc.
4. American Prime Manpower Services Inc.
5. Filhigh-GNS, Inc.
6. Danasan Manpower & Management Service
7. Pacific Ace Human Resources Corporation
8. Highway Manpower Services & Promotion, Inc.
9. M&P Employment Inc.

Recruitment agencies with suspension or fine from January to July 31:
1. Double M Marine Services
2. Danasan Manpower & Management Services
3. Summit Placement and Resources, Masters
4. International Placement
5. Farland Personnel Management Corp.
6. Corinthians Placement Services
7.  Ankor Management & Services & Consultant
8. HBO International Manpower Services
9. Century High HR Inc
10. First Champion & International Entertainment Inc.
11.  Jamal Human Resource
12. Farland Personnel Management Corp.
13. Boom International Recruitment Agency
14. Workgroup International Manpower Services
15. Osims Oriental Skills International
16. Health Carousel Philippines Inc.
17. Mitch International Recruitment Agency
18. Falcon Maritime & Allied Services.

Disqualified foreign recruitment agencies or direct employers are:
1.  AV Global Harvest PTE Ltd
2.  Isa Khoury Metal Industries Ltd. and Amir Khoury
3.  Raffles International Christian School
4. Al Tauqueet Trading and Services Est
5. Al Tauqet Trading & Services Co.
6. Noora Salem Saad Office for Recruitment of Domestic Helpers Office
7. All Pro Recruitment Agency
8.  Marwan Slim
9.  Food Equipment Supplying Company Limited (Fesco) & Thaer H. Abdou
10. Wanasah Manpower Supply & Mohammed Naser Al Naser
11. Bader Contracting & Trading Company/Bard Cont and Trad
12. Speedy Tech Electronics Co. Ltd., Staff Buro Staffing
13. Candice Cruz and Allan John Wilton
14. Jalal Al Jalal Construction Est.
15. Al Nassr AhssaTrading Contracting Company
16.  Marhaba Shopping Center
17.  Hadi Al Hamroor Contracting Est. and Fawzi Al Najrani Est.
18. Fouzi Saleh Najrani Contracting
19. Yacht Tours Maldives Pvt. Ltd.
20. Al Falax Electronics Equipment and Supplies Company
21. Al Falak Equipment
22. Agensi Pekerjaan YSL SDN BHD Lim Pooling and Saw Boon Foong
23. West Labour Supply and Abdalla Ali Adalla Alsari
24. Tsaheel Al Janoob Office for Recruitment
25. Al Bahli Manpower Recruiting Office & Omar Saad Al Hamad
26. Special Manpower Supply


Taiwanese Owned Acbel Polytech To Expand Production Lines In Philippines and Taiwan

Acbel Polytech Co Ltd a member of New Kinpo Group will expand its production capacities in Laguna, Philippines as it extends business from producing power supplies to providing energy management solutions, announced by the company during a conference.

Taiwan's Acbel Polytech which also owned will likely to expand too as its production lines from China will transfer to the two countries.

After the expansion of factories in Taiwan and the Philippines, it account for over 20% and 25-30%, respectively, of AcBel and Kinpo's total production capacity.

The expansion of production line will need an added workforce for local in the Philippines and migrant workers in Taiwan.

The company won an open bid to supply 77,000 smart power meters for a Taiwan Power Company and has cooperated with electric scooter vendors to develop energy management systems used in battery swap stations.

The company also reported consolidated revenues of NT$1.72 billion for July, increasing 6.76% on year and NT$12.126 billion for January-July grew 19.63% on year.

A tropical depression east of the Philippines will develop into a tropical strom and is likely to reach Taiwan

tropical depression east of the Philippines will develop into a tropical storm Thursday and is likely to reach Taiwan, according to several weather forecasts.

The tropical depression still has maximum winds of 55 km/h and gustiness of up to 70 km/h. But it is expected to intensify into a tropical storm within the next 12 to 24 hours.

There are no tropical cyclone wind signals raised at the moment, since remains far from land. It is also unlikely to make landfall.
trough will already bring scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms, ranging from light to heavy
The tropical depression, centered around 1,525 kilometers southwest of Oluanbi on Taiwan's southernmost tip as of 8 a.m. Wednesday, will turn into Tropical Storm Bailu Thursday packing maximum sustained winds of 64.8 kph and gusts of up to 90 kph, according to the Central Weather Bureau will make landfall in Taiwan over the weekend.

Wu Der-rong a meteorologist and adjunct associate professor of atmospheric sciences at National Central University, cited the models and warned the public to prepare for heavy downpours and strong winds if the tropical storm strikes the island. 

Balikbayan box almost empty after 2 months of waiting from shippers

There's a viral issue agains manila cargo where
Ms. Venus Tarnate complain because some of goods she put inside the gold star box where no where to be found, she send her box month of june and it came month of august.

she said that she call many times for the follow up of her box because she send her box month of june but goldstar respond july 20 that it was still on process and the agent of goldstart will update her until july 25.

however there was no respond at all.
That's why she call the gold star many times but did not answer, aside from that the agent where telling that it's not their responsibility if the box was already in the philippines.

Box#: 0000309886
Size: Mega Star
Destination: MBR Macapagal St. Cotabato City
Consignee/ Beneficiary: LENOGON, GENISIS B.
June 25, 2019 : Box pick-up from sender  (Hsinchu City-  dartwits swaylilu)
June 27, 2019: Box load to container (Linkou)
July 1- July 6, 2019:  Processing of documents and checking of container (CUSTOMS TAIWAN )
July 7, 2019: Shipped to Manila, Philippines
July 9, 2019: Arrived at Manila Port
Unloaded date in phil. warehouse: JULY 11, 2019.
(DT) Dispatch Date to Gen San agent: JULY 14, 2019.
(ETD) Estimated Departure: JULY 18, 2019.
(ETA) Estimated Arrival in Gen San: JULY 27, 2019.
As Committed ed Date : 1 Week and 4 days From Manila Pier – Gen San Pier
Pull Out by Agent: JULY 29, 2019.
Delivery Date / Received Date by GENESIS LENOGON (husband) : AUGUST 6, 2019
As Committed Date : 10 Days delivery because of distance
# Malvar St Veterans Village Calumpang Gen San City   (Address : WH of Agent) to MBR Macapagal St. Cotabato City (188km)

The goldstar give their statement agains the issue of the Ms. Venus Tarnate

"Malamang marami na po sa inyo ang nakabasa sa isang nag-viral na post sa Facebook. Post mula ke Ms. Venus Tarnate. Nag complain po sya na pagdating ng box nya sa Cotabato, sira na at nangalahati na daw po . Marami daw pong nawalang mga gamit, according din po sa post nya.  Meron pa pong sinabing sa iba daw po namin dineliver ang box at pinakuha pa daw sa consignee un box.
Below are the details/ infos and pictures we have gathered upon our investigation. Sa ngayon po, on-going pa din po ang aming imbestigasyon. Pero eto po muna sa ngayon ang aming update. Dahil marami na din pong nagtatanong sa amin at maraming nag-aalala sa kanilang mga cargo box. At hindi po din namin hahayaang masira ang pangalan ng Gold Star na pinaghirapan namin itaguyod at inalagaan sa halos isang dekada na."


The Ministry of labor said applications for changing employers or finding new jobs will now be available in five languages

A system providing information to migrant workers on applications for changing employers or finding new jobs will now be available in five languages. 

The ministry's Workforce Development Agency said in a statement that the website will now provide information in English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thailand and Chinese, which was already available.

The site will make available to migrant workers, original employers and new employers information about transfers and takeovers of employment contracts, and help migrants check on the status of applications to change employers and find matches for new jobs.

 foreign workers can easily access the system in their native language and look up their job transfer status by entering their passport number, according to the agency. 

For more info please click to this website below



Hong Kong Citizens Immigrating To Taiwan Soared By 28 Percent

It has been 2 months since the anti-extradition bill protests was on by Hong Kong citizens. As the days goes by, the number of Hong Kong citizens immigrating to Taiwan has soared by 28 percent just this year.

Clashes between Hong Kong protesters and police continues in different parts of Hong Kong. The data from Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior shows that 28 percent are the immigrating citizens of Hong Kong to Taiwan since the start of 2019.

According to the report by Bloomberg, the quality of living in Taiwan is better than of Hong Kong.

"We welcome them," said Taiwan's Minister of the Interior, reported by Central News Agency. 

Taiwan Urgent Hiring: Machinist for Yun Shin Screw (FAST DEPLOYMENT)

Position: CNC /Lathe Machinist
Job Location: Taiwan

Company: Yun Shin Screw
Product: Screw

• 20-30years old
•170 cm above in height 70 kilos below
• vocational course / college grad
• At least with related Cnc/Lathe Machine experience
• Can speak and understand English
• First time to work abroad



Announcement to all applicants
LOG IN - www.peos.poea.gov.ph
Select Skilled Worker Image (for Factory Worker)
1. Register
2. Take the learning modules
3. Review your learning
4. Print your Peos Certificate
For First timer - please secure a copy of "PEOS" certificate.

All APPLICANTS must register or fill up the POEA
e-Registration, log in @http://eservices.poea.gov.ph/

For interested applicants please visit:
Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation
14th floor De Leon Center Bldg. 1151 MH Del Pilar St. Ermita Manila ( infront of Ermita Church)

For more info.Pls call us:
Look for Ms. Lolit and Ms.Elsa
Company mobile No. 09178081060/09985947863



Taiwan government is concerned about the months-long pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong but will not intervene

Taiwan government is concerned about the months-long pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong but will not intervene, President Tsai Ing-wen said.

During a meeting with former Australian Defense Minister Christopher Pyne at the Presidential Office, Tsai said the government is concerned and closely watching the protests in Hong Kong as tension continues to escalate over a now-suspended bill that would allow the extradition of criminal suspects to China for trial.

She reiterated her urging that the Chinese government and Hong Kong's leaders should engage in dialogue with the protesters to resolve their differences.

However, President Tsai said the Taiwan government will not intervene in the affairs of Hong Kong, despite accusations to the contrary by Beijing.

She called on the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities not to engage into responsibility over the escalating tension and not to make wrong and regrettable decisions.

Since June, several rounds of protests have been held against the proposed bill, which has been suspended, but the demonstrations have since morphed into a wider movement calling for democratic reforms in the semi-autonomous territory.

There are two Hong Kong groups posted an advertisement on the front page of a Taiwanese newspaper. thanking the country for its support for the territory's democracy activists.

The advertisement also thanked President Tsai for her administration's willingness to offer helping hands to the Hong Kong people.

African swine fever ( ASF) has yet to be confirmed in the philippines

The presence of African swine fever (ASF) has yet to be confirmed in the Philippines, the country's office in Taiwan said.
 The Taiwan government tightened security in luggage travelers from the Philippines as a precaution against the disease.

While there is no confirmation as to the presence of ASF in the Philippines, MECO respects the prerogative of Taiwan authorities to raise an airport alert on baggage brought in by visitors from the Philippines, Angelito Banayo, Manila Economic and Cultural Office Chairman and the Philippines' representative to Taiwan, said.

His statement came after local media reported that suspected ASF outbreaks hit Bulacan and Rizal provinces in the Philippines, citing Taiwan's Central Emergency Operation Center for ASF.

As a result, passengers from the Philippines arriving at Taiwan's airports were subject to hand luggage checks for pork products.

From the very beginning of the ASF scare, MECO has been advising all Filipinos entering Taiwan of the ban on pork products and the penalties imposed by Taiwan authorities

Regarding the suspected outbreak of ASF, Banayo said the Philippines' Department of Agriculture is still conducting tests on the reported swine deaths and have yet to arrive at conclusive results on the presence of ASF in the country.

Taiwan has clamped down on pork products being brought into the country to prevent the disease, which is lethal to pigs and has no known vaccine or cure. 


Hiwin To Expand All Of Its Production Lines, To Create More Open Job Positions

Hiwin is planning to spend NT$6.2 billion to expand its production facilities in Taichung, Yulin and Chiayi, which will create some 1,250 new jobs for both local and migrant workers.

Hiwin is the second largest linear motion control system maker in the world. The trade tensions between US and China will make the its China plant transfer to Taiwan and exoand from there, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

Hiwin will also invest in smart manufacturing to improve its efficiency and lower its operating costs.

Joining Hiwin as the lastest companies to invest more in Taiwan are Hannstar Board Corporation, communications antenna manufacturer Wha Yu Industrial Co., feminine care item supplier K. N. S. Enterprise Co., and a global positioning system antenna maker.


The Philippines has no confirmed ASF yet but Taiwan authorities intensify its inspection of hand carries.

Manila, Philippines- During the press briefing this Monday, August 19, the Agriculture Secretary of the Philippines William Dar had confirmed that there were reports of hog mortality in several areas but decline to name the places and refuse to identify the cause of death of the hogs because the tissue samples had just been sent to other countries for further evaluation and it will take 3 weeks to 3 months to identify the kind of disease.

In Taiwan, the authorities have already alerted to imposed more secure inspections of the incoming passengers from the Philippines because they received a piece of information from a Taiwanese  businessman surnamed Hsieh (謝) who works in the swine feed sector and has lived in Bulacan province for decades confirmed to CNA by phone on Monday that local authorities have been burying pigs that died of a still unconfirmed disease recently.

Aside from items of baggage, the Airport authorities will now also include all hand carries bags for checking to avoid possible entry of porks from the Philippines. For a first offense, the fine shall not lower to NT$200,000 and for the repetitive offense will be charge not less than NT$1 million.

 Meanwhile, The Manila Economic and Cultural Office Chairman and the Philippines' representative to Taiwan Angelito Banayo said that "While there is no confirmation as to the presence of ASF in the Philippines, MECO respects the prerogative of Taiwan authorities to raise an airport alert on baggage brought in by visitors from the Philippines."


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