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CWB: Tropical Storm Lekima Heading Northeastern Taiwan

Tropical Storm Lekima currently forecast to approach the northeastern part of Taiwan between Thursday and Friday (August 8-9, 2019) this week according to the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan.

Lekima is moving at a speed of 6kph in a west-northwesterly direction, Taiwan will likely to issue both sea and land warnings soon.

The tropical storm has a wrath of maximum sustained winds of 72kph, with gusts reaching up to 101kph. It will likely to be a typhoon while it reaches the coasts of Taiwan.

Lekima will have its rainshowers and winds impact the northeastern most part of Taiwan though it still unsure if it will make a landfall though there is an emerging consensus that the storm could come close to Taiwan according to European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.

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