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Taiwan To Issue Early Sea And Land Warnings As Bailu Approaches

Taiwan may issue ang early sea and land warning in Taiwan and will see the Bailu makes a landfall by Saturday.

Typhoon Bailu is coming to the forefront and is expected to go straight to Taiwan. Since the typhoon of Bailu is quite close to Taiwan, and the route will pass through the cold water area, it is expected that it will land in Taiwan with light intensity, but still can not be ignored as it will still bring strong winds and heavy rain.

The Central Weather Burea pointed out that Bailu is packing a speed of 15 kilometers per hour with maximum wind speed of 20m/s and gust 28m/s.

The chances of entering Taiwan by Saturday and Sunday (24 and 25) are high, which will bring strong wind and heavy rain.  However, the intensity of wind and rain around the country remains to be seen.

Currently, Bailu have shifted south of Taiwan.

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