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Toshiba Memory To Change Its Corporate Name To Kioxia

Toshiba Memory as a corporate name which is rolled off from Toshiba in April 2017 has announced that its will change its name. From Toshiba Memory, it is now called Kioxia.

Kioxia is pronounced as “kee-ox-ee-uh” as it will adopt the name in all Toshiba Memory companies. Toshiba memory claimed that it has driven technological evolution from flash memory from its invention of NAND flash memory.

Kioxia is combination of Japanese word for memory (kioku) and Freek work value (axia) as a result, memory value. The rapid increasing demands position the company to grow sustainability as a leading memory flash maker.

Toshiba Memory, now Kioxia is world’s second largest NAND memory flash maker behind Samsung based on their market shares.

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