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Taiwan Hiring: Female Factory Workers For Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp

Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corporation

Company Overview:
Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology Corp is a worldwide leading LCD SMT (Surface-mount Technology) production solutions provider. It’s scope of services covers the procurement and management of materials and components, process engineering design, SMT processing, quality assurance, logistics management and after-sales services.

Taoying Rd., Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Control boards for TFT-LCD panels (TV/Desk Top/ Note books), other electronic products and Light bar

-Female, 20yrs to 30 yrs old
-Vocational graduate / 2yrs or 4yrs in college
-Height: 155cm above 
-Weight: 65kg below
-With or without work experience 
-No tattoo
-Not colorblind, No left handed
-For first timer only

How to apply?
Visit MIP International Manpower Agency at GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City, Manila. Bring necessary documents.


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Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers For Aromate Industries Co Ltd


Aromate Industries Co., Ltd. (Aromate)
is an Asian-leading manufacturer of innovative car air fresheners and domestic fragrance products. Founded in 1996, Aromate’s headquarters and modernized production facilities are in Taiwan. With persistent dedication to creating quality products, unceasing technology innovation, well-experienced in international source integration, and emphasis on sustainable sales and marketing support.

Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation 
14th floor De Leon Center Bldg. 1151 MH Del Pilar St. Ermita Manila ( infront of Ermita Church)

Company mobile No. 09178081060/09985947863

• 20-30 years old 
• 170 cm above in height 70 kilos below 
• College graduate 
• with related Work Experience 
• Can speak and understand English 
• First time to work abroad



All APPLICANTS must register or fill up the POEA
e-Registration, log in @http://eservices.poea.gov.ph/


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Taiwan Hiring: Male Factory Workers For Alsuper Metal Industrial Co Ltd

Alsuper Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 and located in Taiwan, R.O.C for over 25 years. During these decades, we specialized in Aluminum extrusion. The production line has certification of ISO 9001:2000 as well and the windows have been certified.

Company location:
Xinzhuang Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 820, Taiwan

• 20-30years old
• 170 cm above in height 70 kilos below
• College graduate / Vocational graduate
• Wth related Factory Experience
• Can speak and understand English
• First time to work abroad


Recruitment agency: 
Japan Maruko International Corporation located at 14th floor De Leon Center Bldg. 1151 MH Del Pilar St. Ermita Manila ( infront of Ermita Church) Company mobile No. 09178081060/09985947863

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Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Al Super Company


Job Location: Kaoshiung, Taiwan
Product: Metal / Steel /SCREW

• 20-30years old
• 170 cm above in height 70 kilos below
• College graduate / Vocational graduate
• Wth related Factory Experience
• Can speak and understand English
• First time to work abroad


Announcement to all applicants
LOG IN - www.peos.poea.gov.ph
Select Skilled Worker Image (for Factory Worker)
1. Register
2. Take the learning modules
3. Review your learning
4. Print your Peos Certificate
For First timer - please secure a copy of "PEOS" certificate.

All APPLICANTS must register or fill up the POEA
e-Registration, log in @http://eservices.poea.gov.ph/

Agency: Japan Maruko International Corporation
14th floor De Leon Center Bldg. 1151 MH Del Pilar St. Ermita Manila ( infront of Ermita Church)

For more info.Pls call us:
Look for Ms. Lolit and Ms.Elsa
Company mobile No. 09178081060/09985947863


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Taiwan Hiring: Engineers for ASE Chungli

Company: ASE ChungLi (ASECL)
Brief Introduction:
ASE ChungLi (ASECL), a member of the ASE Group, delivers comprehensive semiconductor manufacturing services, including engineering test, package design, IC assembly, wafer probing, final test, and design manufacturing services (DMS).

Position: Engineers for ASE
Location: 320, Taoyuan City, Zhongli District

ASE has 'No Discrimination Policy' and the agency most likely to entertain several applicants applying for ASE, spcially those who have working experience in same field.

Ex-Taiwan / First timer are welcome to apply

 Urgent hiring Engineers for :
Laser Backside Marking
Saw/ Singulation

*No Placement Fee
* Salary Start Php 45,000

*Important: Please indicate in your well-detailed job description and machine that had been handled

*If interested please email lanie@filsino.com

Agency: Fil-Sino Manpower Services Inc.

Address:  27 and 27a Rainbow, Moonwalk Village, Parañaque, 1709 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no. : 0920-919-6961

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A OFW in Taiwan was petition and repatriated by his co-workers because of his vomiting attitude

Chunan, Taiwan- a group of OFW workers in a giant company shows their full force power to repatriate their fellow Filipino co-worker because of unacceptable and disrespectful demeanor.

A certain workers from the Province of Pangasinan has been working for over 1 year in the company as Equipment Engineer and also an Ex-Taiwan. All his co-workers have decided to petition him for repatriation because every time a production worker would asked his assistance at work or even his colleagues, he utter an indiscriminate foul words such as "mga bobo, gago, etc.."

According to his fellow workers he is so very disrespectful and boastful towards his co-workers. And aside from his vomiting attitude, he can do such things because he is closed with his leader.

A week after a petition was submitted to the management of the company. Yesterday, September 18, 2109 his career in a giant company has ended. The boastful have been repatriated by his company through the power of his co-workers.

Low-pressure brings rain showers for 5 days in Taiwan

Taiwan will be affected by the tropical low-pressure peripheral cloud system as northern and eastern Taiwan will be more affected according to Central Weather Bureau.

The rain wiil be more obvious by weekend (Sep 20-22) though expect other parts of Taiwan to experine rain showers. 

Typhoon 'Taba' (international name) basically moving north to the north and then to Japan, will not affect Taiwan according to its simulation path but expect rains in Taiwan.

The northeast wind is strong specially in the open coastal areas that have strong wind gusts. The north and east half of Kaohsiung (including Green Island, Lanyu), Hengchun Peninsula and Wuhu, Jinmen, Mazu Coastal and other open areas have strong wind gusts and adjacent sea areas with large wind and waves.

Compensation to be recieved by the family of Des, the OFW who died in a chemical accident

Taiwan International Worker's Association (TIWA) said that the family of 'Des' will receive compensation from her employer, as well as labor insurance and group insurance payouts, reported by Central News Agency.

Remebering Deserie Castro Tagubasi, 29, died on Aug. 28 hours after being spilled with the deadly hydroflouric acid in her company Tyntek Corporation in Miaoli, Taiwan.

The famimy will recieve an amount yet to be disclosed and also a labor insurance payout equivalent to 40 months' of her average recent salary as they will decide if the offer is acceptable.

Tagubasi's beneficiaries became eligible to an accidental death benefit, as she was covered by a group insurance.

Additionally, Tagubasi's family will also recieve NT$230,000 (Php390,000), which was donated by her friends and co-workers in Taiwan

The factory had violated the occupational health and safety laws by not providing its workers when they had to handle hazardous materials, according to MOL's Division of Planning and Occupational Health.

"There is no amount of money that can replace my sister's life. We want the company to be held liable for what happened because we know that they have had lapses and negligence regarding the safety of their workers." said by Digna Tagubasi Abarra, Des' sister.

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Alpha Network Inc.

Company: Alpha Network Inc
Alpha Network Inc., has accumulated nearly 30 years of professional experience and successfully established itself in the network communication industry.  Since its inception, it has invested in the core technology development of Netcom with innovative thinking, has the broadest product line, cultivates profound and extensive network technology, and cultivates keen insight through cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers. 

LAN, Broadband, Multimedia Devices


-Male/Female, 20yrs old and above
-College graduate
-With related work experience
-165cm height for male
-162cm height for female
-Weight proportional to height
-Strictly no tattoo
-No ex-Taiwan

For your application kindly visit 

Manila Address:  G/F, Goodwill Bldg, 1662 Leon Guinto St Malate Metro Manila 

Cebu Address: LDM Bldg, Legaspi St. Cor. M.J. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

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First-ever highly pathogenic H5N5 avian influenza case reported in Taiwan

The first ever highly pathogenic H5N5 strain of avian influenza on a duck has been reported in a farm in Cishan District, Kaohsiung according to the Deputy Minister of Council of Agriculture (COA) in Taiwan.

Initially, the test result from duck is H5 subtype but further testing analysis, it is diagnosed as infected with H5N5 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus.

COA pointed out that currently only 1 domestic poultry farms confirmed H5N5 subtype of HPAI, is effective in preventing the spread of pathogens, will strengthen monitoring of the hot zone poultry farms, and the implementation of field area clean and disinfect the poultry industry through each group counseling industry.

The case has been reported to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). Initially determined that the virus has not spread, called on the industry with epidemic control measures.

Flat-Panel Makers In Taiwan To Face Pricing Pressure Due To Oversupply

Flat-panel makers have shifted their capacity to value-added and niche segments as they face a supply glut in the industry, according to data analysts Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting Co.

Overall, panel prices are unlikely to see a meaningful recovery in the next one to two years and oversupply will continue to loom over the panel industry, Yuanta added.

The prices of medium and large LCD panels would continue falling this quarter, due to the US-China trade war according to market researcher TrendForce.

Taiwan companies like AU Optronics Corp and Innolux Corp have extended their products to gaming monitors, public information displays and automotive displays as flat panel prices would remain under pressure.

Innolux Showcased Flexible Panels And Underwater Touch Modules

Innolux Corporation had showcased its latest display products that includes folding or flexible panels and innovative underwater touch modules in the current trade show in Taiwan.

The flexible display used for the 5.9-inch foldable device is manufactured using Innolux bezel-less FHD LTPS panel technology which has that has a 7.8-inch display when unfolded as a tablet.

The company is also ready to roll out tri-fold displays which means you can fold a screen three times. It also unveil its underwater touch display modules built using its patented underwater touch in display (UTID) technology.

The underwater touch display is a innovative work of the company as the touch screen realizes underwater touch-enabled functionality and can also perform selfie shot precisely five meters underwater.

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Tong Hsing Electronics

Position: Factory Workers

Company: Tong Hsing Electronics
Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Limited is a world leader in micro module foundry services. We specialize in the development and manufacture of micro modules and custom semiconductor packages. Since 1975, Tong Hsing has held to the principle of providing best solutions for the company and its customers, devoting our energies to become our customers' best business partner by offering substantial benefits in the form of competitive pricing, timely delivery and quality products.

- Gender : Male
- Height: 160 cm and above
- Vocational or College Graduate
- With work experience in electronics
• Strictly No Tattoo
• No Colorblind
• No late registered in NSO (PSA) (from age 20 years old and above)

Interested & Qualified Applicants must drop by our office
FOR INQUIRIES PLS. CALL our OFFICIAL Contact Number/s for Taiwan Recruitment Team:
Landline: (+63 2) 525-1031 LOCAL 108
Smart Mobile#: (+63 908) 814 8213 / (+63 998) 998 1636
Address: 1636 F. Agoncillo St. Malate, Manila 1004

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OFW in Taiwan organizes concert and sell shirts to raise fund for son fighting leukemia

Choi Mallari, a Filipino migrant worker in Taiwan had organized a music concert in Taoyuan to help raise funds to meet the medical bills of his son, who is battling leukemia in the Philippines.

His son, Gabriel Luis Mallari needs at least 100,000 pesos each month for the treatment as his father organizing mini musical concerts at printin tshirt with 'Lifesavers' printed in front of it.

"I found out last December that my 7-year-old son had leukemia, and in January he started chemotherapy treatment that would last three years," said Mallari as reported by Central News Agency.

Ticket admission to the concert which they organize every sundays costs NT$50 and the lifesaver Tshirts are priced at NT$400.

The music concert included a mime group, a hip hop dance crew and music bands of various genres.

3 alleged Human Traffickers nabbed at Mactan International Airport in the Philippines

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has warn the Filipinos wishing to work abroad against human trafficking syndicates
"a significant number of the estimated 10 million Filipino men, women, and children who migrate abroad for skilled and unskilled work are subsequently subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor."
This desire for overseas employment is a point of vulnerability which human trafficking syndicates capitalize on.
The National Bureau of Investigation in Central Visayas (NBI-7) arrested Tuesday three illegal recruiters at the Mactan Cebu International Airport for alleged human trafficking and illegal recruitment.
The suspects were siblings Rea Parejas Casas, 32, and Kevin Parejas, 23, from Marikina City; and Maricris Ria Delgado, 25,  from Antipolo City.
NBI-7 Director Tomas Enrile said the victims identified the Casas siblings and Delgado as their recruiters.
This, as seven passengers were offloaded from their aircraft bound for Taiwan Tuesday morning. They were turned over to Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking-Mactan Cebu International Airport (IACAT-MCIA) and Bureau of Immigration Mactan-Cebu International Airport for further investigation as suspected illegal recruits.

According to the DFA, illegal recruiters let their victims enter Dubai using tourist visas and made to work without pay supposedly as part of their “training.” 
“Filipinos who want to work abroad to first check job offers with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration,” the DFA said.
The victims also confessed that they were bound for Dubai via Taiwan for employment.
The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) confirmed that the three persons were not authorized to hire and deploy overseas workers.

Life expectancy in Taiwan reached a national average of 80.7 years old

Taiwan's national average of 80.7 years marked higher than the global average. The life expectancy is 84 years for women and 77.5 years for men, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

The ministry mentioned the increased life expectancy due to Taiwan's improved medical care, as well as a greater emphasis on food safety and better living quality.

Additionally, there were growing numbers of people exercising regularly to maintain proper diet.

Taipei had the highest average life expectancy among the six special municipalities at 83.6 years, followed by New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. Difference in culture and lifestyle could be contributing factors.

DOLE: 2000 workers per year to Yukon Canada, Salary P80,000- P300,000

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III allegedly command move fast to commissioned the respective agency to take a review of the requirements to send Filipino workers to Canada
Bello made this announcement in a statement following his signed joint communique with officials of Yukon, Canada for the deployment of 2,000 skilled OFWs each year to such countries.
"The joint communique contains in Yukon, Canada's request for 2,000 skilled workers per year," said the secretary who went to Canada this past month.
The Filipinos there are very prosperous, and very happy. "I spoke to each of them, and they were all happy and well taken care of, "the secretary added.
The salary will be P80, 000 to P300, 000 for the employment work that is for the heavy equipment operator, nurse, Cook, chef, engineer, caregiver, call center agent and other local work opportunities.
In addition, the OFW may even bring their family to Canada.
Canadians prefer Filipino workers for quality work and our hard-working Filipinos. The family bond is also important to them, and so they encourage workers to include their respective families in Canada and help them enter the country,  the official further said.
Interested applicants should be fluent or proficient in English, with a corresponding job degree, with adequate training, and mentally fit.
After the signing of the agreement, Bello allegedly commissioned Administrator Bernard Olalia of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to speed up the deployment of workers in Yukon, and even the processing of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) for those who will work in Vancouver and Toronto.

The secretary also said that officials wanted to sign in Yukon a bilateral agreement to formalize the deployment of the OFW in Yukon, Canada. However, Bello asked the Commonwealth to visit the Philippines to make the signing of the agreement.


Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers For K-Max Technology Co Ltd

K-max Technology Co., Ltd

K-max Technology Co., Ltd has been deeply cultivating in the heavy-machinery industry and the petrochemical industry for years. In line with the change of world economic trend, K-max has today developed products in the environmental protection industry and the high-tech industry and has become the provider of the best choice in the sector of precision machinery and technical service in technology and environmental protection industries.

Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

- Male applicants
- 23-33 yrs old
- High School graduate
- 160cm above in height
- 85kls below in weight
- with experience as CNC operator
- EX TAIWAN can apply

Bring the following requirements:
1. PEOS Certificate
2. Passport

Apply personally at MIP International Manpower Services agency located at 28 GSIS Ave GSIS Village, Project 8, Quezon City, Manila

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Financially Troubled Chunghwa Picture Tubes Fails To Pay Full Salaries Of Its Employees

Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. paid its migrant workers only 40 percent of August salaries due to insufficient funds, with Taiwanese emoloyees also are not paid properly while section chiefs and higher ranking officials received no pay.

Chunghwa Picture Tubes announced in late August that it would layoff all of its remaining 2,100 employees working on its  screen production lines which take effect in 60 days.

In last day of August, migrant workers of the company were forced to vacate their dormitories to transfer and find somewhere else to stay after their employer failed to pay its electricity bills.

About 65 percent of Chunghwa Picture Tubes migrant workers have found new jobs in Taiwan mostly are in flat panel maker Innolux Corp.


Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Min Aik Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Min Aik Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Min Aik Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. are a customer-oriented professional team that provides timeliness product designs, tooling services and high quality products, to assist our customers’ products be both competitive and reliable.

Its goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers. Min Aik Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. aspires to become the world’s leading precision stamping plant and hopes to continue pursuing the research and development of automation technology as to provide the ultimate customized products and services to customer.

- Male and Female applicants
- 21yrs old and above
- Height and weight are proportional
- Strong body built
- Physocally fit
- No tattoo
- Hardworking and flexible
- No ex-abroad

Visit and apply personally at Juan Smart Manpower Phils Inc agency at 5flr BPI Bank Bldg., 1377A Mabini St cor Sta Monica St., Ermita, Manila or send resume thru juansmartworkers@gmail.com for pre-screening

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Taiwan Hiring: Production Operators For Scandinavian Health Ltd

Scandinavian Health Ltd (SHL)

SHL Group is a world-leading solution provider in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery systems such as auto injectors & pen injectors. SHL was established in 1989 by Swedish entrepreneurs Roger Samuelsson and Martin Jelf with the goal of combining world-class manufacturing in Asia with the strengths of Western management practices.

1. FEMALE, 20~30 YO








Visit and apply personally at Everbest Overseas Employment agency located at Rm 406 Paragon Tower, 531 A Flores St., Ermita Manila

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Two get arrested after assaulting a grab driver in the Philippines

In Manila Philippines  - The Grab Philippines notice to the public, that the said driver been physically assulted by the passenger, his car Grab car sedan services could only serve up to 4 passengers only.

The incident happened around 6:50 a.m. on Monday at Barangay Del Monte, Quezon City, according to Grab Philippines.

The driver was Reynaldo Tugade, 47 yrs old whose source of income is beeing a grab drivers who serve well and follow the management rule.

When GrabCar sedan you only  book for 4 passenger only. But If morethan 5 person have to seat in a car you have to book for 5 seater.

The grab driver had properly talked to such passengers but had a different excuse that the 5th passenger is only a toddler. Take note even it's still a child, it's still equivalent to the number one at any age. But still The driver was physically assaulted by them.

"Following the safety standards of car manufacturers having a maximum capacity of 5 passengers for cars including the driver, Grab Cars can only accommodate up to 4 passengers," Grab Philippines said in a statement

"Children, regardless of age, shall be counted as one passenger," the company said.

"We wish to reiterate to our Grab community to be mindful and respectful of our standard policies, and to observe responsible use of the Grab platform to ensure safety and security to each and every one," the company said

Grab said it has extended medical support and legal assistance to the injured driver.

That family who bullied the grab driver, are hudloms ang deserved to stay behind bars. I hope they have learned their lessons well.


Koahsiung Mayor Han ranked last in all 22 Mayors of Taiwan per performance

Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu ranked at the very bottom in all 22 mayors in Taiwan according to a survey released by Common Wealth Magazine.

Even last in the list in terms of performance, Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu will still represent the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) in the 2020 presidential election.

Taipei mayor and Taichung mayor are also at the bottom at 20th and 21st. Pingtung Magistrate Pan Men-an of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) received the highest approval rating.

The survey Common Wealth Magazine wac onducted last July 18-Aug. 22 through random sampling and there were a total of 14,818 valid responses were collected from people aged 20 or over.

Taipei Aims To Be A Pet Friendly City, Restaurants Offers Healthy Dishes For Pets

Different pet-friendly restaurants in Taipei showcased five healthy dog meals as the Taiwan’s capital makes it efforts as a pet-friendly city organized by Taipei City Animal Protection Office (TCAPO).

A meal made by Always Sunshine café caught the attention during a press conference. It is a steak dish presented in bite size pieces with tomatoes and baby corn.

Alongside with the streak is steamed rice and dog biscuits on separate plates. Surely pets will surely love this kind of mean and pet owners are expected to applaud it for their pets.

Aside from the dishes, there were also deserts that they have worked with a veterinarian to develop an ice cream that includes probiotics for dogs.

Aloft Taipei Beitou Hotel offers unseasoned burger meat on a bed of cauliflower and broccoli for the pets.

Vegetable and chicken rice risotto made by Yoh Italian Trattoria, chicken meatballs served with diced vegetables made by Pao Ma Mi Ke Ssu and steak rice dish tossed with vegetables and egg made by PS Bubu restaurant are the other meals presented by TCAPO.

"We want to make Taipei a pet-friendly city, so that pet owners can go out to more places with their pets," according to Taipei's Department of Economic Development commissioner.

Taiwan Hiring: Machine Operators for GNDC Co Ltd

GNDC Co., Ltd was founded in 1977, and since our inception we have committed to develop and manufacture various power equipments such as phase control power supplies, DC motor drives, thyristor firing units, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) etc.  

Company Location:
Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

-Male applicants
-23yrs old and above
-at least college graduate
-at least 1yr working experience
-soldering experience is advantage
-height and weigt proportional to each othet

Visit and apply personally at World Transman International Placement agency at IDM Building, Armstrong Avenue, Moonwalk Village, Paranaque City, Manila

Bring thr following:
1. Valid Passport
2. PEOS Certificate
4. PSA Birth Certificate


Pinoy Refresher is not an agency nor agent. We are not accepting online applications and referrals.

Largan Precision To Gain Orders From Samsung Electronics Anew

Largan Precision Co popularly known as a camera lens manufacturer to gain orders for Samsung Electronics Co’s high-end smartphones like the S10 Note series and the upcoming S11 according to Citigroup Global Market.

Largan rival company Sunny Optical Technology Group Co enters the handset lens supply chain of Apple Inc, but still Largan has still the “buy” recommendation when it comes to shares.

“We believe that investors underappreciate Largan’s share gained in Samsung’s premium model. Samsung should make up 10 to 20 percent of Largan’s revenue between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first half of 2020,” according to Citigroup.

With continued upgrades to handset camera specifications in terms of multi-camera setups, multi-lens designs, resolution, aperture and periscope-type lens structure, Largan’s revenue forecast to increase.

Employers of OFW killed found guilty in Syrian District Criminal Court

In Manila Philippines .The former employer of a Filipina name Joanna Demafelis.  who is Mouna Ali Hassoun  was found guilty in  Syrian District Criminal Court and her lebanese husbund Nader Essam Assaf, is also charged of murder in Lebanon, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.
Joanna Demafelis left Iloilo for Kuwait is 2014 to work as a domestic helper. She went missing in 2016 and the discovery of her remains led to a ban on the deployment of Filipinos to the Gulf state.
The remains of the 29-year-old Demafelis were found inside a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait last February 2018, prompting a deployment ban of OFWs in the Middle East country.  
The verdict against Mouna Ali Hassoun was handed down in Syria, where she had been in custody since early last year. Her Lebanese husband, Nader Essam Assaf, is facing a murder charge in Lebanon, the DFA said.
The DFA-Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers' Affairs reports that the Syrian District Criminal Court found Mouna Ali Hassoun, accused in the Joana Demafelis case, guilty of murder. DFA will continue to provide legal assistance to the family until justice is served
Demafelis' brother, Joejet, welcomed the Syrian court's decision.
"I'm happy that her case is making progress". Joejet, told ABS-CBN News
Joejet wants the couple to be sentenced to death by hanging.
"I hope they will get what they deserve after what they did to my sister."  Joejet said.

Sen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa filed a bill to restore “DEATH PENALTY”

In Manila, Philippines Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa believes that the imposing of the death penalty can fixed everything.

Dela Rosa aired this sentiment when asked in an interview if former Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez should be qualified for early release through the good conduct time allowance law (GCTA).

Sanchez was convicted for raping and killing University of the Philippines-Los Baños student Eileen Sarmenta, as well as the murder of her friend and schoolmate Allan Gomez in 1993.

"Only if they would obey me,  that person should be dead already. He must have been killed before, sadly we dont have death penalties,"Dela Rosa said.

If there would be death penalties, that cures everything. Even if it's the drug lord that is up to this day if there is still nagtra-transact drug business outside, we can no longer conduct the drug they are bursting with because it is dead, so that it should be. " Dela Rosa said

To simplify everything, restore death penalty to finish everything that is related to it,”  added the senator, who has filed a bill seeking the reimposition of the capital punishment.

Dela Rosa, who served as head of the Bureau of Corrections, was dragged  into the controversy surrounding the implementation of the  GCTA law.
During his six-month stint last year, the senator admitted signing the release orders of 120 heinous crimes convicts.
But Dela Rosa insisted that the release order was in accordance with the law and its implementing rules and regulations.

NCRPO Chief admitted a number of students were recruited by New Peoples Army this year

In Manila Philippines. The chief of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, said  that he would want to have lectures and discuss a partical subject in schools on the “evils of communism.”

Attendance to those activities, Eleazar stressed, would only for those who would be willing.

“We will be seeking assistance through the Commission on Higher Education,” Eleazar said on the sidelines of a joint meeting between the Metro Manila Regional Development Council (RDC) and Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) in Pasay City.

Eleazar serves as the interim chair of the Regional Peace and Order Council  (RPOC).
“Of course, there are universities that, outright, would not accommodate us,” Eleazar said. “But we will find groups that are possibly sympathetic to us.”

According to him, only a small group of students join rallies.
“But most of these students, they don’t care. They don’ like that,” Eleazar said.

The NCRPO chief said many leaders of the New People’s Army (NPA)  were recruited in their student years.

“They recruiters will pick students who are vulnerable considering the situation of their families, those going through problems. Others may really have true nationalism. So it’s easy to attract our students,” Eleazar said.

The recruiters, he said, have mastered a program of recruiting students, first by just simply talking to them, then encouraging them to join rallies, and eventually, if they see leadership potential, engaging them in a more in-depth discussion.

Eleazar assured that the rights of students would not be violated as attendance to his proposed program would only be voluntary.

“But, of course, as we have said, student activism is encouraged and are not controlling that,” he said. 

“But it may be better if their program is in line with the program of the government.”

“That’s why we will seek the assistance of the school administration and student organizations,” he said. “If they can’t accommodate us, then there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Taiwan Hiring: Factory Workers for Kingston

In 1987, Kingston entered the market with a single product. The founders, John Tu and David Sun, complemented the severe shortage of surface-mount memory chips with a memory module that redefines industry standards for the next few years.

Kingston has adopted the most extensive and rigorous testing process in the memory industry, providing a free technical support service center, and consistently innovative technology development. Since its inception, it has established a high quality and reliability standard that consistently meets industry standards.

Reliability is the cornerstone of Kingston's product strategy. Play a key role in maintaining long-term relationships with customers over the years. Kingston strives to exceed industry standards with every new development while maintaining the product's well-known reliability.

Location: HSINCHU, Taiwan

  • Candidates must have at least High School Diploma /  Collge Level
  • 170 cm and above
  • Female
  • The job requires Female applicants only
  • Minimum of 1 years working experience is required for this position.
  • Ex-Taiwan must be finish contract

NOTE: For all interested applicants, Please report ASAP for line-up and bring the following available documents:
AGENCY IS OPEN MON-FRI(except holidays) from 9A.M .TILL 6P.M.

For interested applicants please visit:
POEA License No: 262-LB-121610-R
Ground Floor, IDM Building, 155 Armstrong Ave., Moonwalk Village, Parañaque City
Tel No.:

Taiwan Hiring: Experienced Welders for Mei Ruey Industrial Co

Company Overview:
Mei Ruey Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, in the past decade, it has won the positive confirmation and support from the customers here at Taiwan, mainland China, Southeast Asia countries and South Africa with our valuable experience, excellent quality, as well as well-organized after-sale service.

Company location:
Tainan, Taiwan

-Male applicants
-30 years old and above 
-Vocational Diploma / Short Course Certificate
-Must be EX TAIWAN with experience in ELECT. WELDER / CO2 WELDER
-Must know basic mandarin language

Visit and apply personally at Jopman Corporation agency at 3rd Floor Thrifty Realty Bldg. 1927 San Marcelino St. Malate Manila

If qualified, applicants may drop by to the office to fill up application form and for initial screening or send resume to: jopmanmishrd@gmail.com


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