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Inventec Corp to spend US$2Billion on relocation to expand its Taoyuan factory plant

Inventec Corporation to spend $2 billion (US$64.5 million) to move part of its laptop production back to Taiwan. The plant is currently in China and the budgetbis approved by the board of directors of the company.

The main reason of moving the plant back to Taiwan is to avoid US tariffs on China-made goods. The move will add investments in Taiwan and will make jobs for both local and foreign workers.

It is also a part of a broader plan to shift all of its US-bound shipments to Taiwan. The move is to minimize operating risks from the US-China trade war, which has triggered large-scale production moves from China.

Inventec's laptops were the biggest source of revenue of the company, contributing between 40 percent and 45 percent to total sales.

The relocation will expand the capacity of its laptop manufacturing site in Dasi District of Taoyuan.


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