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Northern Taiwan issued suspension of classes and offices due to Typhoon Mitag

Taipei Taiwan- The Local Government has issued class suspension and offices due to Typhoon Mitag in Taipei, New Taipei, Toayuan, Hsinchu County, Keelung, Yilan County and also Green Island and Orchid Island off Taitung County as of 10 pm September 29, 2019.

The Typhoon Mitag is located 455 km from Southeast of Taipei as of 3:00 am September 30, and has a radius of 180 km and moving to northwest direction with the speed of 21 kph and with the maximum sustained wind of 108 kph and a gustiness of 137 kph, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

Expect heavy rains and extreme winds in northern and eastern north of the country as the typhoon passes through the waters off in half of eastern Taiwan.


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