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12 Filipinos was among in an imposed fined of US$4.5 millions for bringing pork to Taiwan

Taiwanese goverment have imposed fined of US$4.5 millions for bringing in pork products from other countries with African swine fever outbreaks took place.Stiffer fines were stablished for the offense in late 2018.

(589 cases) from China,(56 cases) from Vietnam, (21 cases)from Korea and (12 cases)from the Philippines have reported that the pork products mainly came from according to the center.

Out of 678 violators, 354 were Chinese passengers and 233 are Taiwanese Nationals.Most of them were caught bringing pork items from China. Also includes in the list , 32 Vietnamese ,12 Koreans and 11 Filipinos.

First time offenders illegally imported meat products into Taiwan from countries affected by ASF are fined NT$200,000 penalty and have increased to NT$ 1 million for repeat offenders.Also includes to have fined are simple snack items as pork jerky into Taiwan.

Meanwhile,it is said that first-time foreign offenders who fail to pay the fine can be denied and no entry are allowed into the country.No data has been realeased as to how much fines was actually collected according to the Center.


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