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41 Death toll and 1318 people around the world has been infected of Wuhan Corona Virus

Update of Wuhan Corona Virus around the world. The disease that has originated in China is now rapidly spreading among countries. As of 3:50 p. m. January 25, 2020, the country of China still lead the numbers, 41 death tolls and 1287 with confirmed cases.

In Hubei Province where the capital city of Wuhan is located, there are 24 deaths and 549 cases with confirmed 2019 n-Cov. While the other cases of deaths and infected are coming from 29 provinces of China.

Hong Kong and Thailand were next to China which has 5 cases of confirmed Wuhan Corona Virus. And then followed by Australia with 4 confirmed cases and then followed by countries with 3 confirmed cases are Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and France.

The United States, Macau, Vietnam, and South Korea has 2 cases each of confirmed Wuhan Corona Virus. And then Nepal has one confirmed case.

Meanwhile, despite the flocks of Chinese are coming to the Philippines, the authorities have confirmed that the country has still zero case of Wuhan Corona Virus. 

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