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A Pinoy worker in Taiwan had won NT$684,300 in their annual Company's Year End Party

A Pinoy Worker in Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp., was so fortunate to won NT$684,300 ( more than 1.1 million pesos ) during their Annual Year End Party.

Before their party started last night, January 23, all their employees had written each name at a NT$100 bill and put in drop box. And then, their mechanics was, whoever will be picked in the dropped box will automatically take all the money.

Mr. Arvin who work in the company for already three years has luckily been picked and had taken all the money in the box. But according to the source an amount of money will goes to a certain charitable institution which the company had chosen.

Weiya (Chinese: 尾牙) is a traditional annual celebration for Tu Di Gong (the earth god, also known as Fude Zhengshen (福德正神), the god of wealth and merit) on the 16th of the 12th lunar month in Chinese society, especially in Taiwan. For a company it is also celebrated as a sign of giving thanks to all its employees. 

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