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LOOK: Dormitories of OFWs' in China are being lockdown due to Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

From our source, a OFW in China, they sent us a picture showing some of the dormitories of our fellow OFWs are being lockdown. This is to prevent and control the situation amid the rapid spread of Wuhan coronavirus.

Based on the latest record of China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (DCD), there are about 4,515 confirmed cases and 106 death due to Wuhan coronavirus.

Here are the list of numbers of infected with the virus per provinces and cities in China.

Hubei Province (home of Wuhan): 2,714 cases
Guangdong province: 207 cases
Zhejiang province: 173 cases
Henan province: 168 cases
Chongqing City: 132 cases
Hunan province: 143 cases
Anhui province: 106 cases
Shandong province: 95 cases
Beijing: 91 cases
Sichuan province: 90 cases
Fujian province: 73 cases
Jiangxi: 72 cases
Jiangsu province: 70 cases
Shanghai: 66 cases
Guangxi province: 51 cases
Shaanxi province: 46 cases
Yunnan province: 44 cases
Hainan province: 40 cases
Hebei province: 33 cases
Liaoning province: 30 cases
Heilongjiang province: 30 cases
Tianjin: 24 cases
Shanxi province: 20 cases
Gansu province: 19 cases
Ningxia province: 11 cases
Xinjiang autonomous region: 10 cases
Guizhou province: 9 cases
Hong Kong: 8 cases
Jilin province: 8 cases
Macau: 7 cases

Here is the breakdown outside of China:

Thailand: 14 cases
Taiwan: 8 cases
Singapore: 7 cases
Japan: 6 cases
Australia: 5 cases
United States: 5 cases
Malaysia: 4 cases
South Korea: 4 cases
France: 3 cases
Canada: 2 cases
Vietnam: 2 cases
Cambodia: 1 case
Germany: 1 case
Ivory Coast: 1 case
Nepal: 1 case
Sri Lanka: 1 case


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