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Employers to face NT$60,000- NT$300,000 fine if refused to give free surgical mask to Migrant Caregivers

As the confirmed cases of Wuhan coronavirus in Taiwan is climbing and CDC Taiwan has raised its alert level to high. The Ministryr of Labor in Taiwan has reminded the employers of every migrant workers in the sector of Caregiver and Caretakers to take charged of the safety and health condition of the workers. All employers are obliged to give a free mask to its employee especially when going out to a crowded places such as hospital.

The Ministry of Labor has reminded every employer that they are legally obliged in ensuring a healthy working condition for their workers. All who will violate are punishable under the Service Employment Act. Employers may face a heavy fine that ranges from NT$60,000 to NT$300,000. And also a 2 years ban for employing migrant workers.

All migrant workers are encouraged to report to the authorities if their rights are being abused. The Ministry of labor 24/7 hotline 1922 is always open for consultation and has the native language of every migrant.

Meanwhile, CDC Taiwan has reminded everyone to call 24/7 hotline 1922 if you have any symptoms of 2019 nCoV.


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