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A total of 32,225 Surgical masks seized by Taiwan Aviation Police amid the export ban

Courtesy of Taiwan Aviation Security 

As the infected and suspected of Wuhan coronavirus

Last Thursday, during the  news presidential conference at the Presidential Palace, the President Tsai has promised that the country will produced 40 million of face masks everyday to address the issue and also banning the export of surgical masks to control the supply within the country.

Yesterday, January 31, 2020. The Aviation Police has seized a total of 123 packages with a total of 32,225 surgical mask to be send outside the country. The inspection was made in the Central Processing of Chunghwa's Post mail in Taipei.

According to the Aviation Police Bureau, the sending of masks outside the country is prohibited as it was instructed by the president during the news conference. Anyone who wish to send a bulk of face mask outside the country must seek the approval of in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Bureau of Foreign Trade.

At presents all passengers who will be going out the country are not allowed to carry more than 5 boxes of mask to prevent hoarding and control the supply of mask in the country.

All convenience stores around the country will dropped the price of surgical mask from NT$8 to NT$6 per piece as regulated by the government.


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