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Taiwan Direct Recruitment Factory Workers for KYEC

Advised by HR, that KYEC will be having a Domestic Recruitment or direct hiring Factory workers (Male and Female) their contract is about to expire on April or May 2020, for recommendation or for interested they can send their application, resume, CVs to rogerodger@gmail.com

Yung lamang po matatapos ang kontrata ng APRIL & MAY to company that she/he recently employed.

Send a UPDATED Resume to: rogerodger@gmail.com
Selected workers will be informed.

Kingyuan Electronics Group is mainly engaged in the packaging and testing business of semiconductor products. Its test revenue ranks second in the world and is the world's largest professional test plant.

Kingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in May 1987. The head office is located next to the Fifth Interchange of Hsinchu Expressway in Taiwan. Invested in China's subsidiary Kinglong Technology and Zhenkun Technology. The production plant is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park in China. It also engages in the packaging and testing of semiconductor products. It is the Group's production and sales base in China and serves the mainland market nearby. In addition, it has business bases in North America, Japan, and Singapore to provide instant service to customers worldwide.

Plant Locations: Hsinchu, Chunan, Tongluo



  1. Ano poh requirements..hyskol graduate qualified poh ba no experience

  2. I can't open the gmail rogerodger@gmail.com


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