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LOOK: ETI Taiwan now Hiring Transfer Employees

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Company: Eternity Electronics Industry Co., Ltd
Location: Taipei/Tainan

End of contract 6/01~6/30
•College Graduate or
•Major in science and Engineering
•Male only

For Inquiries: CLICK HERE!!! 

Company Profile:
Eternity Electronics Industry Co., Ltd was established in April, 1988 (more than 20 years since established). ETI's company philosophies are human-based management, teamwork between staff, forever improvement of technology, and considerate after-sales service.

Our products:
● Hand-driven flat knitting machine
● Semi-automatic programming stand for flat knitting machine
● Micro-computerized knitting machine (Collar machine)
● Full computerized knitting machine
● Dial linking machine
● Automatic strapping machine
● Automatic engineering
● Design and development of CNC servo control system
● AC servo motor driver
● Sweater factory related machines
● Industrial Sewing Machine with five-axles
● Brushless motor and driver for car use
● Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

In the beginning, ETI is mainly focused on developing microprocessor programs. Using this technology, we’ve produced controlling devices for coffee makers, and other small household appliances such as irons, air conditioners, controllers, telephone switches, etc., also cooperating with the industry in developing micro-computerized control systems.

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