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Have  you wonder why there are so plenty of requirements needed before you start your new work? 
In the Philippines, there are so many requirements needed in order to start a job. if you have landed a job definitely the company will require you to submit the MAYOR'S PERMIT and HEALTH CERTIFICATE coming from the City hall or Municipality

credit to google search
Do you know how much this cost? it cost nearly 500 pesos. But what is the real essence why you need this one? or does this really have the importance? The answer is NO. Before the applicant can start the work they are required to submit a medical test, so what is the use of the health certificate secured from  the city hall and municipalities?

Mayor's Permit, why this is badly needed when an applicant landed a job? does an applicant still have to consult the mayor in order to acquire a job? or why do we have to pay the mayors? was it because we landed a job because of the mayor? of course not. The reason why people apply for a job is to have money, and before they can start the work their pocket is empty.  But why this government keeps in giving burden to the applicants?

Think deeply why the government had to keep on giving the burden to applicants? The highly urbanized city cannot deny the fact that they can collect a huge amount of money, they can even make million in a day. 
Does the government has helped you to land a job? of course NO. They even squeeze you until your last drop.

I hope everyone had been enlighted and  the National government will see the real problem of the society.


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