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The well-known actor Baron Geisler had posted on his Facebook account that he is negative from the drug test. 
"thanks to Kowboy for bringing a drug test kit. i tested negative by the way, i know everyone is wondering about me, im fine and good. I think this is a great idea for everyone to have, just in case anyone is accused on line or by the police". the message he posted.

The facebook followers of Baron Geisler had challenged him that he should undergo a drug test in accredited hospitals, not by home drug test kit. So that people will believe that he is truly negative in a drugs test. Geisler replied in his facebook account saying, "Game". meaning he is willing to undergo of any hospitals.
We all know now that the police are now after of the drug users in the entertainment industry of the Philippines. Some known actors and actress had voluntarily undergone a drug test for them to show that they are free from drugs. 
PNP Chief Gen. "Bato" Dela Rosa is thankful to the networks for the voluntary drug test of their Talents. And according to the police, many actors and actress are involved in drugs, some are users and some are pushers. 
So let us wait and see if who are this actors', actresses, and managers will be arrested in next few weeks.


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