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Former justice undersecretary Francisco Baraan III washes is hands over Sen. De Lima?

photo credit:Philstar
How pity is Sen. De Lima because of his  former undersecretary had pointed her for all the transactions happened in NBP and other Penal Colonies.
Former justice undersecretary Francisco Baraan III was appointed last September 2010 and resigned in November last year. Now  that his former boss Sen. Laila De lima is hot water, he immediately denied the allegations that he is involved in NBP drug matrix.
according to him " The BuCor is just one of several DOJ agencies under my limited administrative supervision... I never did oversee, either on the ground or from a distance, the prison operations in the seven penal colonies, more so the NBP,” he explained.
“Folders of BuCor contracts/documents on my desk endorsed and reviewed by technical services, with the latter’s corresponding recommendation, are reviewed by me, then I countersign the action document for the secretary’s final signature, ” he said.

President Duterte  had warned Sen. Delima for the involvement of drugs. 
according to President Duterte. “she was on the take” from drug lords at the NBP where she was part of a “matrix” that included Baraan, a provincial governor who served time in the prison, a police superintendent and her former driver Ronnie Dayan.

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