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What if China and Philippines become great allies? Do you foresee what will happen? Maybe, this time, Filipinos and Chinese should open their eyes and minds. Two countries have the same in common, both are in the same region. Exchange of product is tough.

What is the advantage of alliance?
The countries can build a strong economy in the world stronger than Europe and other continents. But of course UN and US is afraid if this happens, that is why they keep close to the Philippines.

What if the Philippines will EXIT in the United Nation?
If we think on the positive side, of course, a lot of things will happen. One of this is, the Philippines may gain strength in the economy, more powerful than other countries. but expect the counter effect, the UN may sanction the Philippines for not abiding the treaty.

Is the US is a great help in the Philippines?
Maybe there are some circumstances that our allies had help us. But why they keep strong ties in the Philippines, maybe one reason is that they enjoy freedom to operate and manipulate the country and region? 
Look at the country that they manipulated, what had happened to Iraq? when the government had refused to cooperate, they did a manipulation in order to start a war. Well, we do not have enough evidence but if we deeply analyze the root cause and reason, we will know why the war had started. And it is the same now happening in Syria. And now Philippine president seems to oppose to UN and US.

So we hope and pray that the manipulation of the US and UN may not lead into another war which will ruin the richest country in the world.

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