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President Duterte calls for Sen. Laila De Lima to resign with his speech in Tacloban City. 

"If I were De Lima, ladies and gentlemen, I'll hang myself," the President said.

credit to RAPPLER
"The innermost of your core as a female is being serialized everyday. Dapat mag-resign ka [You should resign]," he added. "Anong ipapakita mo sa mga babae? [What example will you show other women?] Follow me, sabihin mo...This is how to be a woman of the world."

Sen. De Lima had been accused by Pres. Duterte for her alleged boyfriends who are involved in drug trades.

But still Sen. De Lima denies all the allegations against her. She said "Resignation at this point will be an admission of guilt and a sign of weakness", and adds she is "neither weak nor guilty."

"It is only natural to self-preservation that one does not rely on the suggestions of those who want to see you extinguished and who wish your destruction," the senator said.

she was asked if there is a possibility of attending an inquiry at the House of Representatives. she replied, "And then you think that House Speaker will be anything near fair to me? I'm finished insofar as the President is concerned kaya nga ako pinapa-resign. Tapos haharap ako dun? Wala na kong kahihiyan sa sarili ko nun ah" [that's why he wanted me to resign. Then I will attend the probe? Do I not have any shame left for myself?


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