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SINGAPORE and HONGKONG confirmed of ZIKA virus case?

In Singapore, it was confirmed by Ministry of Health that they have the total of 41 cases of Zika virus. The infected are the foreign construction workers. Now the authorities had inspected the dormitories of the infected foreign workers and all of the had undergo the testing. 

The Singapore government had deployed NEA to clean all areas where mosquitos hide.

Now, Hongkong had already a case of Zika Virus as confirmed by their Ministry of Health.

What is Zika virus?
Zyka virus has a lower risk in terms of death unlike dengue fever which really very crucial if infected. The only big problem when a pregnant woman will be infected with Zika virus the effect is when the child is born there is a possibility to have microcephaly (small head and brain).

So everyone is advised to be extra careful, especially in traveling to countries with a high case of Zika virus.

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