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      Will SMS lottery soon be operational nationwide? This proposal had been pending a year ago. Now seems to have approval . And also these will be operational if the TELCO'S will agree on the proposal of PAGCOR.
The proposal of share will be 70% goes to PAGCOR and 30% goes to TELCO'S.


   What is SMS lottery?

From the conventional method, the way people buy their tickets through lottery outlet, long lines in some outlets, it's time-consuming everybody. Very inconvenience for many and so hassle.
Now with the new system of buying lotto tickets are just an easy touch to their individual phones. Those people with the phone and has the capability to buy lotto tickets can now access at their own comforts. 
Purchase tickets through SMS will be sent back to them as E-Tickets or Electronic Tickets.
E-Tickets are safer and convenient than the usual way. lotto outlet is producing tickets using thermal papers which are prone to lose, crumpled, wet, etc. unlike e-tickets can be easy saved in every phone.

What is the Advantage of SMS lottery?

PAGCOR research and studies  show that through SMS lottery selling the revenue will double or  triple. and if these happened, of course, tax revenues will increase and for that many poor families will benefits. And as far as we know that President Rodrigo Duterte had mandated the PAGCOR that their tax revenue will go directly for medicine of poor people.

What is the Disadvantage of SMS Lottery?

All lotto outlet franchise will decrease sales. and if this happens, of course, some lottery outlet will tend to close.
one more disadvantage is more Filipinos will be addicted to gambling, even younger age will tend to gamble for the SMS lottery is easily accessible .

Spend money wisely, gambling is a fortune. save for the future.

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