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In some provinces in the Philippines, the leaf of Acapulco is very popular as the herbal medicine for skin diseases. I remember one time when I was in our province, my father had told me to get some leaves of Akapulko or in our dialect "sunting", after that he used to put the leaf one by one close to fire until the leaf looks shiny, then it is the time that he would rub it in the affected area.

What is Akapulko plant?
Akapulko plant is a shrubby kind plant,used in the Philippines as an herbal plant,
 this widely grown in  all part of the country.this plant serves as the herbal plant for skin problem because the leaves of the plant contain chrysophanic acid,
an acid that fights
against ringworm, scabies, and eczema. the plant also contains sudorific,diuretic chemical which used to treat the intestinal problem like parasites. aside from that this also treats bronchitis and asthma.

The Akapulko plant is also very common
 ingredients in shampoo, soap and lotions.


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