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When I was a kid, one time a friend of my grandpa came to ask for help. According to him, his wife is having a none stop bleeding, and according to him it maybe because of her menopausal period,
due to lack of money he could not afford to send his wife into hospital, what he did is he asked advice from my grandpa, since my grandpa knows some traditional medicine or herbal medicine.
Now my grandpa and his friend went to the backyard and stand in front of the cactus tree. He twists the body of the cactus and gave it his friend and he advised him to cut the body of cactus into half and boil it, he advised him to let her wife drink the boiled cactus until the bleeding subside.

   Cactus has a very high survival among all plants. It can be seen mostly in desert areas and tropical countries. Cactus has a variety of body shape with thorny appearance.
Some of us are wondering if where are the leaves of the cactus? The leaves of the cactus are the tiny thorns found in the body.

In some countries, cactus is being consumed as meal or salad. But for other countries cactus is used as a medicinal plant.


Cactus has many benefits to our body in terms of health, one of the most popular is it helps to cure a patient suffering from non-stop bleeding due to menopausal period. And this also used for wounds for fast healing.

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