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What is Camachile fruit?
The fruit camachile is very rare in other countries but it is very well known in some tropical country. The shape looks like the tamarind but they are different. the fruit seems so soft like a sponge with red, white, and green in color.

The fruit of camachile or pods contain a white acidic and sweetish pulps and eaten as raw. In some area, this is included in cooking for seasoning. But according to some study, this plant is not only for seasoning but has also health benefits.

What are the benefits?

Diabetes – drinking the juice of camachile would control the sugar

Weight loss- drinking the juice or eating the fruit would be a good diet if you want to lose your weight.



  1. Our body processes food to produce glucose, which is the fuel for cells. Insulin is a hormone produces by pancreas, which helps transport glucose into cells for utilisation. If insulin production is low, it causes diabetes mellitus type 1.

  2. Are there proven reasons why camachile is effective for diabetes patients? I've had type 2 diabetes since I got pregnant with my 3rd daughter. Ever since i've been trying everything to help me control my sugar.

  3. Fruits play a pivotal role in the discussion whether diabetics eat fruits or not. Though it is argued on both extremes, it is rather a myth that the diabetics should not consume fruits. I find a very good website for the Health conditions , If you want you can visit this site.


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