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What is guava fruit and how does it help as a medicine?

Guava fruit is a shrub tree that rampant in all tropical country. This can be seen any backyards, etc. The fruit of the guava is delicious and full of nutrition, and high in fiber.

Is guava leaf is medicinal?

Yes, the leaf of the guava is very popular for antiseptic. it used to clean the wounds. The leaves are being boiled then the boiled.

Can guava juice reduce fat?

Yes,  the juice of the guava leaves according to some study and other who had tried to drink the guava juice the effect is that it can lose the weight And lessen the cholesterol in the body.

The guava is highly recommended for a healthy diet. the guava contains the chemical which reduces LDL or bad cholesterol naturally.
Based on study guava leaves has 0.1 gram of saturated fat and 0.2 unsaturated fat which perfectly good in  losing weight.

So if you want to use as antiseptic is very highly used, and if want to try something new, drink the guava juice and see if there is really an positive effect.


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