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Nowadays I do not believe people  who graduated from colleges and universities or in a prominent schools are more
professional than those who do not study or had not finish in school, because I always  see and encounter people who had not finish in school.
The way they behave, they are more respectful than who had graduated. Graduates always call themselves as professionals but it seems that they show they are arrogant.

It is so sad to see Sen. Antonio Trillanes showing his arrogance during the senate probe. I think all of them are professional, showing the kind of disrespect to his colleague, Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano was still talking when Sen. Trillanes had off the mic of Sen. Cayetano.
I think sir you had sometimes to show your professionalism, you are in front of the national tv and you are acting like a child or showing disrespect, even a child can distinguish whether it is good or not. All of you had been voted by the people and sitting as a senator, and so you must exercise the equality and professionalism. Unless you hiding something because you are interrupting the investigation. Well, the ordinary see that the senate probe is all none sense and bias, it will only benefit to the liberal party, not to the people of the Philippines.

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