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I always wonder why the senate still spending their time to investigate the Davao Death Squad. Actually, they are not just spending time but wasting the money of the people in all none sense investigation. What will happen if the investigation is finished?
Well, it is always the question of many, yesterday during the presscon of Senator Laila De Lima, she was been asked if what will be next step if the senate probe is finished? She replied that "I do not know because the President has the immunity, we cannot file a suit against him, we cannot file an impeachment complaint because I do not want to. 
So what the real issue here? The Liberal just want to destroy the reputation of the Philippine President? It is so sad that we had this kind of officials sitting in the national position which cannot help improve the country, they are just dragging the country down instead of helping our president to improve our nation.
It  is so sad that we the ordinary people are longing for a change yet here are this oligarch and other elements that against  the government. Why, why? I have so many questions in my mind. I'm hoping that soon this kind of politician will help our president to build a better and a strong nation rather than criticizing the administration. I hope that they will not use their personal intentions.
 You were been voted by the people because they believe all of you can help the nation. So every time you make a move or other criticism make sure it is the intention of the people not your personal intentions.

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