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 Most of us do not like pickled green papaya (atsara), am I right? when I was young I do not eat the atsara too, because it tastes not good to me. It is sour and partly sweet in taste, some atsara are spicy.  But what is atsara? the food atsara was originated in the Philippines and it is the local well-known appetizer. The atsara is made of unripe green papaya and mixed with other condiments.

What is the benefits of atsara to our body?
the food is high in fiber, this is also highly recommended for people with high blood because of high in potassium.Potassium is essential for the heart to function well. Atsara is also good for those suffering in constipation.

It just comes into my mind to a search of what is the difference between kimchi and atsara. I had already eaten  atsara when I was still in the Philippines though it does not taste good to me but sometimes I really tried to eat. When I was in the other country I tried to eat the kimchi, the side dish  is well known in Korea and other neighboring countries. well, it seems the taste has no difference with the local atsara of the Philippines, the only difference between is that, kimchi is made of cabbage and other veggies, mixed with seasoning, mostly are spicy.

What are the benefits of kimchi and atsara?
it is loaded with vitamins A, B, and C, and it also consists a "healthy bacteria" called lactobacilli. what is lactobacillus? it is a kind of good bacteria which help for a good digestion and have a healthy tummy. the lactobacilli are found in all fermented foods. It also shown in the recent studies that the kimchi produces natural nutrient from the cabbage which helps to prevent the growth of cancer.

So guys don't ignore this two side dish when you encounter because it is full of nutrients and can prevent the growth of cancer.



  1. It’s not my intention to be mean but to help. The grammatical errors are kind of hard to ignore. Please consider having a proofreader. Your article is understandable for the most part but it could be more pleasant to read if improved. I myself prefer atsara over kimchi.

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