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The show's Till I Met You official hashtag was the top trending topic on Twitter worldwide, drawing more than a million tweets. #TIMYRunAway

the supposed family dinner to discuss the marriage or Iris and Basti, the pair escape to cool off from the frustration of having parents who can’t stand each other. As they profess their love for each other, the impulsiveness of youth catches up with them resulting in a night of passion. But of course, there’s always the morning after to deal with. And this is where the dilemma begins.

the steamy sex scene that followed featured shots of Basti slowly taking off Iris' bra and more hot moments from the pair, showing topless body of Basti and that passionate kiss both of them sharing at that moment, their intimate moments happens at the back seat of the car,
But not everything that happened in the episode was rosy.
After having sex, Iris admitted feeling guilt, considering that she saw
the struggles of her mother, Cass  who gave birth to her,
Completely ignoring the tiny detail that their parents have yet to give them their blessing, the best solution the two crazed lovebirds came up with was to push the date of their marriage forward. Predictably, this did not sit well with Cass, who resorted to giving her daughter the cold-shoulder treatment.

But then again, Basti and Iris have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Basti wants to prove to Iris that he loves her and faces the wrath of Tita Cass, who upon learning what happened, almost broke down in frustration and anger. I get where she is coming from, her worry that her daughter would get hurt, her fear that Iris and Basti are not ready.

Basti, having no mother to guide him properly on making the right decision, it was Agnes who stepped in for the role and advised him to think about what’s best for himself, which is a good piece of advice, come to think of it because there really should be no rush in making lifelong commitments such as marriage. In the end, Basti is firm in wanting to be together with Iris because he really loves her and vice versa. Their repeated professions of love, especially for Basti’s part, was a clear indication that they were being overwhelmed by their feelings and their decisions were all fueled by emotion, which is not a good thing

While many detractors will say that Jadine is only about kissing, I would beg to disagree because, after that hot love scene, audiences are genuinely invested in what happens next to Iris and Basti, and that speaks of an effective character establishment on the part of Team TIMY.


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