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Why is avocado fruits called as amazing? Some of you will doubt why I call the avocado as amazing, even I  before did not believe when I made researches about the avocado, I found out that this fruits really contained the best nutrients for our body.
 I who had  grown up in a tropical country, I am so familiar with this kind of fruits. My Grandpa has a tree of avocado, I remember when I was  a kid, I used to climbed on the tree just to picked the fruits,  and there are instances when my parents saw me climbing, they immediately yawn and scold me for it is not safe to climb, because the branches and twigs are easily cut but still I had to climb because I am eager to pick the fruits. Then after I got the fruits, those ready to eat are separated and being shaken, then others are not yet ready to eat are being kept. We enjoy the fresh and delicious taste of the avocado fruits.

What are the benefits of Avocado?
Well, avocado in terms of vitamin A, B-complex, C, E, and potassium. Potassium plays an essential role in the body mostly this will help the heart to function well, it will improve the circulatory system, this is also a better source of nutrient for our kidney.
 Some say avocado is not healthy to eat because it is high in fat, but the truth is that the avocado is a good source of monounsaturated fats or good fats. And again this is good for the circulatory system because the good fats remove the bad fats that present in the blood vessels.

Aside from the good nutrients for the body, the avocado is also best for the skin treatment for skin problems like sunburn, and other skin problems, cut a part of the fruits and gently rub in the affected area and you will notice the changes.

The avocado leaves are also used to treat illness, for a long decade up to the present. The avocado leaves still used to treat some illness, one of the best use is when you are experiencing diarrhea, the leaves can be boiled and be used as herbal drinks for the illness. Most remote areas and mountainous villages this boiling of avocado leaves is popular.

The avocado leaves also consumed as a tea? yes, in some villages and remote places the leaves of avocado is used as a tea. Well, this has a plenty of benefits.

So now we know what are the benefits we can have when we consume the avocado and take note also that avocado is seasonal fruit it start from June to August.

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  1. Wow! Wonder fruit talaga ang avocado! Yum yum yum. ��


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