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What is PDAF? Well, what I know in PDAF is a fund given to the government official for the allocation of respective province or funding of projects. But do you believe that these funds are being used in a right way? We are not born yesterday to believe or we are not blind in what we see to our respective provinces and place. There are so many corrupt officials, funds that to be used for the said project will fade like a bubble or we did not even know the fund dwindle.
The Ombudsman of the Philippines received a lot of case yet only a few were convicted. But we must be thankful at least they achieve and have done their job, like the Iloilo representative who was convicted by the Ombudsman for the malversation of funds.

Ex Iloilo Rep. Judy Syjuco was been indicted by the Ombudsman for  Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices
Act and Malversation with a case of buying worth 5.9 million pesos of cellphones which to be used for Municipal Telecenters of Region VI. In the files, that had been submitted Syjuco had bought  1,582 unit of Nokia 1100 to West Island Beverages Distributor.

According to the report the buying of the unit had not undergone the bidding yet Syjuco had a deal to West Island Beverages Distributor. And most shocking is, there was a transaction of payments signed by Ex Iloilo Rep. Judy Syjuco but there are no cellular phones delivered. The company had produced fake receipts and other files which show off complete delivery and the bidding committee and Syjuco had signed that the project already finished.

Fortunately, the people of Iloilo and other official are not blind with the ghost project of Syjuco. Including government official and bidding committee who had been indicted were, Domingo Reyes Jr., Elmer Soneja, Ildefenso Patdu Jr., Rebecca Cacatian, Venancio Santidad, Geronimo Quintos, Marcelo Desiderio Jr., and Danilo de la Rosa and Domingo Samuel Jonathan Ng, owner of West Island Beverages Distributor.

If there is only no crooked government officials maybe the Philippines is a rich country better than the neighboring. But sad to say, rampant government official craving for the money.


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