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Do you have an online selling business while at work in Taiwan? Online business in Taiwan is rampant, foreign workers see this as their source of additional income. There are so many OFW engaging in online businesses.This reminder could be prawning to some of us but the employers are just protecting their rights, and they do not want their employees engaging to other activities which will result to be unproductive.

A letter from one of the agencies in the Philippines sends to their employees to refrain from online selling. It is written in the letter that Manila Cultural Office (MECO) and Taiwan Government is seriously looking in the situation, and 
because MECO and Government of Taiwan could not afford to look into this situation so they reprimanded the agencies.

Now it is the responsibility of the foreign workers who are selling online if they will abide this reminder. Agencies are just their to remind their applicants. So that no termination will happened on the future.

With regards to this letter, other online seller does not believe on the issued letter. Because they believe that there is someone behind with issue circulating, some owners see this as the tactics against with their co - seller, dragging the seller if they see that the business is performing well. 
Maybe also the agencies had issued the letter because they see that theirs really a fact that some foreign workers are not performing their job well because foreign workers to tend first their online business.

But some foreign workers who work as a domestic helper, caregiver, caretaker, etc. in Taiwan, they have much time to spent in other curricular activities after doing a job in a day, their employers are much happy to see their employees spending a quality time rather than doing nothing, in fact, their employers are much happy to see that their employees are struggling to earn more money than waiting for the monthly income.

Again if you want to engage with online business make sure that your job is not affected by your online business. Tend first your employer rather than any other, no matter how big is the return of your online business, always remember you work in Taiwan for your employer, not for your online business. A letter is just a reminder but hopes not the end of the online business seller, because it is one of the great ways for the foreign workers to sustain their financial needs.


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