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If you want the adventure for a low cost you must try the Cavinti Underground river and cave complex located at Cavinti, Laguna, just 2-3hours from metro manila.

In the middle of Lalangawan river and the forest of Sierra Madre
theirs a secret way that newly discovered the Cavinti underground river and cave complex, there's a small water reservoir in the middle of big rocks connected the longest flow of water and there's no one allowed to stay near the place, the water are crystal clear the man-made boat that made of a bamboo woods this is the way of transportation for the passenger so they can reach the cave, and because of the water are clear we can see the stone clearly under the water, after riding the boat and reach the land, the tourist needs to walk to enter the forest and for about 5 minutes we can finally see the entrance of Caviti cave.

"Be sure you are wearing the head light, proper shoes, and comfortable clothes"

You will be amazed by the STALAGMITES or STALACTITES or the stones that formed inside the limestone cave for the longest time

"you know its very tiring and lack of space in the cave we need to be careful because you are not allowed to touch the stalagmites and stalactites because it is easier to deform"

there a names of those formed stone according to the tourist guide

"it  takes about 1 hour to reach the destination inside the cave but it's well worth travel guys"

you may see the different rock formation like "the cathedral"

the entrance is only 10 pesos per head

"before I use to see it only on tv but right now here I am roaming around the area, it takes about 1 hour and there a lot of different secret pass inside the cave, its great to inside the cave.

"When the Cavinti Underground river opens up last march 30 2013 until now many tourists visit the place that came from different places," the tourist guide said

Aside from beautiful scenery laguna is also best to know in delicious delicacies  like Buko Pie, Uraro, and Espasol.


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