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How much time do we spend each day steering in our smart phones? Are we steering  in our smartphones for 205 minutes in a day or more than 5 hours daily?
 According to the new statistic by one of the International Telecommunications company , 80 percent are using smartphones, and 70 percent are subscribe to internet. and all users spend 5 hours or more daily steering on the smartphones rather than sleeping.
Now, the International eye experts had warned the smartphone users who are abusing the use of their eyes. There will be mass increase of mascula degeneration cases for the next following year and counting. In the past decades only 55 to 65 years of age experience the eye muscula degeneration but this past 10 years since the smartphones had been rampant, it shows that 30 percent out of 70 percent smartphone users connected to internet had been diagnosed with muscular degeneration. or 3 out of 10 users had been diagnosed with muscula degeneration.

What is mascula degeneration?

It is a kind of eye problem wherein, the mascula located in the retina's central portion, It is responsible for focusing central vision, it controls the ability to read, drive a car, recognize faces and colors, and see object in fine detail. And if be diagnose
the vision become blurred, the ability to read and work are being affected.

Tips to avoid mascula degeneration

1. Mortification of using smartphones
2. Practice 5 minutes break every 30 minutes of continues steering to smart phones
3. Exercise winking
4. Turning eyeballs
5. Looking afar
6. Have a regular check up with optalmologist

"So love your eyes rather than smartphones"


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