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     Our body is the most important aspect in our daily basis of life, it functions on whatever we wanted to do, in order to make a living, so we take care of our health, we eat a healthy living, eating nutritious food, and we stay away from toxic substances that our body don't need to, like cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and many more, but what if we encounter a severe disease that really takes a lot of high expenses medication, while working abroad? how can we be able to survive?

Thank God, in Taiwan, Taiwan Lawmakers had submitted a proposal for the medical assistance to those who are seriously ill migrant worker, because the case of the migrant workers being hospitalized are increasing and for a long time the government had not raised the issue but the lawmaker believe that every migrant worker deserves good treatment from the government.

The ministry will propose the establishment of a mechanism to assist such migrants said Hou Song-Ting, a senior inspector at MOL's workforce development agency, at a press conference held by Kuomintang Legislator Chen  Shei- Saint at the Legislative Yuan

Hou Song-ting was responding to Chen's appeal for such mechanism which the lawmaker said necessarily to prevent seriously ill in foreign workers in Taiwan

Like for example the case in Indonesian Caregiver, known only as "Sina" came in Taiwan in March 2014 but fell ill eight months later and eventually became paralyzed due to a parenchymal lesion  on her spine.
Right now Sina is confined to a hospital bed in Taiwan and cannot breathe without the assistance of ventilator
Sina's contract will expire next year but despite wanting to go home, she cannot afford an expensive flight on a medical aircraft back to her home country.
 The lawmaker said that at present government has no assistance program to deal with the problem of those seriously ill migrant  workers.
Once private sector assistance fades, seriously ill foreign workers could become a problem, no one wanted to deal with.
Taoyuan Employment Service Institute Association Chairman Huang Kao-Chieh noted that the government operates the 113 and 1955 hotlines for cases of sexual assault and violence involving foreign workers only.
However Seriously ill foreign workers have become intractable problem over the past two decades, Hopefully, the government can provide similar to 1955 hotline to deal with such cases
       As per appeal to establish a regular  assistance mechanism to address the medical and health of severe sick workers, the official express the hope that agreement could be reached in a nation to a nation bilateral meetings relevant countries.
       No one wanted to have a seriously ill because all we wanted is to have a healthy body so that we can be able to do our work properly and can be able to provide a healthy living to our family in our homeland.
       I'm praying and hoping that the proposed assistance mechanism for serious ill migrant workers can be successful as within reaching open hand.

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