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A new replacement model of recalled Samsung note 7 exploded? Recently the Samsung company had issued a new model of phone in replacement of Samsung note 7 that had been reported as dangerous and fire catching phone.
But a new incident yesterday had been reported that the replacement phone issued by the Samsung company is more dangerous and explosive.

Miss Lai, 26 yrs old and a native of Taiwan had been the first who experienced the explosion of the replacement model of Samsung note 7. She said, she just got her new model last September 27, a replacement from the previous phone she bought last august 2016. As she narrated Miss Lai was walking in the park at night with her dog when she noticed that something is hot from her pocket, but before that she already a little bit sound of bang, and she was not expecting that it is from her,  she only noticed it when she feels hot in her pocket, then she immediately pulled the phone from her pocket, and throw the phone, then she saw the white smoke from the phone, after the smoke had  gone and she feels that it safe to pick, she picked the phone and she had seen that it got burnt.

Lai said she is not destroying the image of the Samsung company or the newly issued model itself, in fact, she had been using Samsung brand for a long time but as what she had experienced, she wants her money back and changes a new brand of phone.

The Samsung company had sent their representative to look and investigate the issue, they also getting in touch with Ms. Lai with regards to the incident. Meanwhile, the Consumers' Foundation is calling the company to suspend the sales and replacements of Note 7, and also the government's consumer protection agency of Taiwan is demanding an explanation report with the issue.

Ahead of the incident happened in Taiwan, there was another incident happened with regards to an explosion of the new replacement model of Samsung note 7 in  the United States the flight of  Southwest Airlines was delayed due to one of the passenger's phone had exploded.

There had been many cases of explosion with the model of Samsung note 7, maybe you guys should know first and research the gadget you are aiming to buy. Anyway, the Samsung company has no intention with this issue. Besides, they are very responsive to the complaints.

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