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The Philippines bet Nicole Cordoves lost the crown to Miss Indonesia at the 2016 Miss Grand International on Wednesday she finished first runner-up in the 2016 Miss Grand International pageant held at the Westgate International Theater in Las Vegas.

Nicole Cordoves 24, 5' 8", she finished her college at  Ateneo de Manila University,  AB Economics, Minor in Development Management

Indonesia’s Ariska Putri Pertiwi was crowned as this year’s winner of the four-year-old pageant.

Here's the list of the winners

Miss Grand International 2016 - Indonesia

1st runner up - Philippines

2nd runner up - Thailand

3rd runner up - Puerto Rico

4th runner up - USA

The 2015 winner, Claire Elizabeth Parker of Australia passed her crown on to Miss Indonesia, Ariska Putri Pertiwi.

Miss Grand International is part of the so-called "Grand Slam of Beauty Pageants" which include Miss International, Miss World, and Miss Universe.

Miss Grand International adopted the campaign theme "Stop the War,"

In the question and answer round, the top five contenders were asked which of the two leading U.S. presidential candidates they will choose to help them stop war and violence.
 “If you had to choose one of these two people to help you stop the war and violence, who will you choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and why?”

Nicole Cordoves chose the U.S. Republican nominee Donald Trump.

She was booed by the audience.

 “if we choose him to switch to our side, there won’t be war and violence anymore.”
“I will also make sure that he will read my speeches to stop the war and violence because imagine someone who would bring so much madness and so much emotion to these people, what if we use his voice to actually do good for the world? What if we use that to our advantage?” she added.
To end her answer, Cordoves said: “Let’s keep the peace and let Donald Trump switch to our side to stop the war and violence.”

Even if we lose to Indonesia we are all Filipinos are so proud of you   Ms. Nicole Cordoves for winning the first runner-up at Miss Grand International in Las Vegas


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  1. I am an event photographer, I love this venue, and I will revisit this event space in a heartbeat. They have really great staff and pretty decent drinks. Their halls and rooms are absolutely gorgeous.


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