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OFW shared how she deals Love life and Work

A must read story send to my blog by unknown OFW, she shared her story of how she cope up with being a OFW.

She send through

"Hi, Pinoy refresher I would like to share my story so that I may able to help other who are planning abroad."

There are so many obstacles  that foreign worker will be facing while working abroad. I used to dream to work in a foreign land because I believe that they can be able to give us better future compare to our homeland.
      When it comes to salary we can be able to provide much more to our family, we can be able to give much more when it comes to food, shelter, health , and even in education. we wanted to give our very best to them so they can live comfortably, however, their's a lot of sacrifices you must go through. Homesick is your number one enemy, you really goes through sadness when it comes to missing them badly, every occasion pass by your not with them, Birthday, Christmas, New Year, all you can do to ease the pain is to talk
to them in Cellular Phone(CP), On the other side being away to your family, you can stand on your own, it is called being "independent", you will know how to take care of yourself when problem came into your life.

Theirs's a lot of obstacles that foreign workers facing through.
here are the following:
-Health, if you does not take care of yourself you might get sick so follow the basic rule  Eat 3x a day, sleep 8 hours a day, Drink a lot of water and always smile.

-Financial, Everyone really do problem that aspect but its depend on you gonna handle that situation, for me it is not the high on the salary that makes you rich it is on how you gonna spend, always put this on your mind while you working in foreign land "always buy the things you need, not the things you want.." it can really help you to save a thousand of your money. so give it a try you might surprise you on the result.... just live simple surround yourself with friends who have the same interest when it comes to saving money....

-Love Life... some of them says that if your not lucky in career, you must be lucky in love... but i disagree because you must love yourself first before you fall in love with someone else, you must take care of yourself when it comes to health and also in career be a person you wanted to be, be a successful in the field you were chosen, also Doctor Willie Ong said " you must in love at the age of 25 - 35 years old because on that age true love comes, while others are just infatuation or just puppy love" so don't go in a hurry just enjoy life....
 Here in abroad it really hard to find true love. Because here it is just a piece of lust. So I suggest to everyone who is looking true love here in the foreign land, better take an investigation first on that person who is courting with. first, know if she/he really single? Second Facebook Account ? if she/he doesn't have a Facebook account probably she/he hides secret  and one of them is they already in a relationship with someone else  Girlfriend or wife or maybe tons of children that she/he forgot who's their mom/dad because they were too many to count. Third, ask their ex's and friends if they were the bad or good person, probably that the best person you can ask about what kind of person he/she is...

-Communication this is the basic things that we must know in working in foreign land we must at least know how to communicate with them by learning to speak their language, in every each day we must learn a new words came fro them so in each day pass by , we already have a lot of words so it is easy for us to communicate even when we have hard times  to say it, when it comes to pronunciation

-Food. food is the main aspect of working in foreign land, because you really find it hard to eat their dishes because this is not really familiar to us, but give it a try it is delicious because they prepare it by giving their best so we can be able to eat healthy food...

Culture when a came here in foreign land Taiwan March 9, 2014 I do feel culture shock because everything is so different  outside the window of my bedroom and the weather is so cold to think that it is just 18 Degrees Celsius , also when it comes to holiday for example Christmas, I think just a little number of population for about 1/16 celebrate Christmas even in new year. what they celebrate is Chinese new year it celebrates in January or February its depend on upon their Lunar calendar. Theirs's a lot of differences  that we must embrace for we can survive in this foreign land we were working at.

We may really face a lot of obstacles in life not just only in working in a foreign land but also in our daily basis of our life. let us face it as a challenge, not just a problem so we can become a better version of our self when days goes by.....


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