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It is indeed a romantic when a man proposes in front of the crowd. But it is more exciting, more romantic, and peculiar when a man proposes in front of the Philippine president.

President Duterte had visited police headquarters in Camp Rafael Rodriguez in Butuan City and delivered his speech. After his speech, the emcee  of the police headquarter had called the attention of President Duterte to stay for a while to witness the very special event.

Police Senior Inspector Arvin Jumillo had asked the president to gave him at least 3 minutes in the name of love. The police officer is a little bit shy and nervous, according to him he  wants to grab the opportunity to propose to his long-time girlfriend Senior Inspector Romea Alnieza Kinang, they are already 5 years and10 months. Kinang was  aide-de-camp of the president.
The atmosphere most become more romantic when the song "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz was played as music background

"My beloved President, sir, I am asking for three minutes – for the sake of love – would like to take this, I would like to grab this very rare opportunity and perfect timing, sir. Unknown to many, sir, your aide-de-camp, Police Senior Inspector Romea Alnieza Kinang, is my girlfriend for five years and 10 months already," Jumillo said
"Supposedly, we will marry this month, sir, but for some reasons, it was canceled. We quarreled and called it off. But we’re okay. Nevertheless, sir, I’m thankful that everything indeed happens for a reason,” he added.

As he speaks to Kinang, Jumillo admitted that he was not a perfect partner but could give her "forever," should she accept her proposal.
as he continued "When you left me, I realized that for the past five years and 10 months that we've been together, I realized that I have shortcomings as your boyfriend. But don't you worry, just marry me, I still have forever as your husband,"

After his speech he handed Kinang with a bouquet of flower and knelt down to insert the engagement ring on her finger, and the kissed Kinang on the cheek. The president had congratulated them.

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