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As Sen. De Lima is not yet over in her involvement of the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the National Bilibid Prison. She is now again facing the new dilemma in his political career.

The Former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chair Francis Tolentino is filing an election protest against Sen. De Lima. As we remember in the last election race result was Tolentino got ranked 13th with the margin of 1.3 million againstSen. De Lima.

Tolentino is asking the SET of Sen. Delima to a vacancy, for he believes that the Senator had won because of poll fraud. He had already submitted the case with the affidavits of the witnesses.

Tolentino said, “It (cheating) was with the electronic transmission. There probably was double transmission,”

“If you saw the results, the margin of votes between the first place to the 12th place was only about 80,000 votes. But when it came to the 13th place, the margin became so big,” he added

Sen. Delima had answered the case file of Tolentino, according to her, she does not have the resources to fund her campaign.

“That’s not true because she reportedly had drug money that fueled her campaign,” said Tolentino. “There should really be no narco money involved in elections.”

Aside from the protest he filed, if ever he will be proclaimed as the duly won senator, he will be asking for the ratification of the automated election of the Philippines. He  said, “We are hoping that the counting of votes are done manually in the precincts and only the transmission of results is automated so that the people would really see that their votes are counted,”

 Tolentino has been ordered by SET to submit a reply within five days to De Lima’s comment.

The SET is a nine-man body chaired by Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. Its members are composed of two other Supreme Court Associate Justices and six senators.


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