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Did you know that Sex Drive can be identified through our Chin?

Do you know that your Jaw and chin shows who you are and what type of person you are? Everyone has a different shape of chins and jaws. In Chinese tradition, all of these shapes have different types of luck and characteristic. So know what type of person are you and what will be your future.

Type of Jaw
People with strong jaw are mostly opinionated and judgemental. They tend to give confidence to people around them, then people around him feels they are protected. Have you notice that most of our politician have this kind of jaw? But we must be careful with this kind of people even though we feel protected still these type of people mostly does not accept  the ideas of others which sometimes cause of misunderstanding.
These people are known for a strong type of character.

What are the shapes and meaning of your chin ?

In Chinese tradition, the reading of character and fortune are being done through the shape and size of person's chin.

Protruding chin - know for a "mountain" shape. In Chinese reading, it called as perfect chin especially for men, these full fleshy chins signify luck. But that person with thin chin is not called lucky.

Round chin- are people with warmth hearted, family oriented, supportive and generous. They are friendly and easy to mingle in all occasions. But these type of people does not want to hold any position of leadership.

Square chin- most of these type are stubborn to fault, direct to the point when they talk, most of these type have so many enemies, demanding and never ask for an apology.

Pointed or Narrow chin - known for "Fire-shape chin", Their characteristic are easily hot-tempered, stubborn, sensitive, and weak minded, they enjoy gossip topics. But this kind of people is sociable and fun loving. In Chinese reading, it shows loneliness, betrayal, and short life span.

Jutting Chin - this type has high confident to themselves, enthusiastic. The negative side of jutting chin is being unfaithful to partners.

Receding Chin - seems to be no shape of the chin. They are known for pessimistic and weak in character.

Long Chin - known for being loyal and affectionate, good person to be with, they easily express their emotion to others and friendly in character.

Double Chin - a type of person who is not satisfied with themselves or known for being unhappy but this bring luck when they get old.

Cleft Chin- a type of person known for strong sex drive. Then they a person who always caught the attention of others, wants to be in the spotlight and most of this type are young in looking even if they are already old.


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