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A Former Legislator in Taiwan was sentenced to jail after being found guilty of raping the Filipina maid. Last October 12, 2016.  Wednesday, the Legislator was scheduled to start his serving in prison but got a reprieve after the Cheif Prosecutors office had granted the plea of the suspect.

Elmer Fung, a former legislator of New Party in Taiwan has supposed to report in Shilin District Prosecutors Office so that he may begin his serving for three years and four months imprisonment. But Fung accompanied by his
lawyer had requested the Prosecutors Office to delay his serving due to his health condition, after the request of Mr. Fung, the Chief Prosecutor Chen Hsi-chu had granted the request until his health assessment finish.

Fung issued a statement last October 7, 2016. that he is suffering from "cerebral stroke" which could turn into a malignant tumor.

Mr.Fung raped case was dated last January 23, 2004. When he raped his Filipina maid in his house in Taipei, Taiwan  during the time when his family was out of the house. The Filipina had immediately sought helped from her friend. And a friend of her had reported the incident to the Manila Cultural Office(MECO) in Taipei . Then the staff of MECO had helped her and sent her to the hospital for medical treatment, then the hospital had reported the incident to the police.

The Filipina had signed the settlement of the case before going home to the Philippines, together with the lawmaker, and Mr.fung. The Filipina had received the amount NT$800,000 (US$25,432) of the settlement.

But even the case was been settled by the raped victim, still, the case of Mr. Fung had continued. And this year he had been sentenced by the supreme court of Taiwan for three years and four months imprisonment.

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