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Are you beating the animal mercilessly? or had your pet been mercilessly killed by strangers then you are seeking for justice and nothing happens? Well, It seems that the animal rights in another country are working. "The Serial Cat Killer in Taiwan" put to jail and pay a fine.

In Taiwan, a man who had killed two cats in consecutive year had been sentenced to jailed for 10 months and paid a fine worth NT$350
,000 (US$11,013)  for two offenses.

Chan Ho-Yeung, 24 yrs. old a former student of National Taiwan University (NTU) students from Macao had confessed that he had killed the two cats, first was last year, and another was august this year.
The first cat killed was a stray known Big Orange. The second one was named Ban Ban, both cats are living near NTU.

Chin was indicted last May for violating the Taiwan's Animal Protection Act. Chin had given his apology to the public for what he had done and felt sorry for hurting until killed. After the incident, the NTU had expelled Chin. Then the government lawmaker had filed a case against him.

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