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   There's a current viral video on social media attacking Nadine Lustre for snobbing her fan.But do you really believe on this issue? Some are bashing her because of alleged refusal to some of her fans to take some pictures, on the said video, fans approach Nadine to take some pictures with her but Nadine refused.                                      

The video contains about 8 seconds, the said video goes viral in social media , however their's a lot of defends came on the side of Nadine, because as you can see in the video when the girl approaches

Nadine for a picture, Nadine was already looking at her but the girl behind Nadine is the one who interrupts their conversation, saying that the actress cannot take pictures with her because they were in a hurry... Nadine did not say anything after that because she knows after the shooting her fans can be able to have pictures with her and also to James Reid...

  Aside from that the girl on the viral video give  a statement on her tweeter account explaining her side of what was real happen on that video.

"hala grabe sumabog notifs ko...hahaha bawal po talaga mag papicture nun kasi shooting po yun ng this time pero sympre nasa harap ko na sila"

" kaya nigrab ko na yung opportunity. wag nyong ihate si nadine" her fan

"  they're nice pero bawal lang talaga don't hate theme!"

  Aside from that the Direct Nuel Naval...director of the movie This Time tweeted in reply to the girl in viral video....

 " salamat sa pang unawa may deadline kasi, 1 araw lang meron kami para ishoot lahat ng beach scenes.

" yes pasensya na kayo, naghahabol kami ng araw at that time puro day effect ang scene at maraming kukuhanan eksena. God bless..."

  It is very clear no matter how they bashed Nadine Lustre, there is always a thousand and million of people behind her back, always ready to support and  defend her because she deserves the love of her fans all over the world.

 This is what happen when Jadine gets bash by those abnormal being...

"Thank you for Reminding us that whenever you bash our artist, we anticipate another blessing so keep it up..."as per JDP satement.

So think first, know the situation before commenting and bashing a person. All of us must understand that whoever and who it is if ever we are in a time of work we should first tend our job before anything else. And more important is respect, an essential demeanor that we should have.

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