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A viral video circulating around Taiwan was taken live via facebook by two Filipinos. Which drew the attentions of Pinay workers in Taiwan.
The two guys was a having good time. they made a Facebook live while they were drinking a beer. Their topics were all about the behavior of all Pinay caregivers and caretakers.

They both mocking and underestimating. According to them, some are pretending to be single even if they are already married in the Philippines. Most shocking and drew the attentions of all Filipino in Taiwan when this two guy had underestimated the works of Pinay caregivers and caretakers. according to them, the caregivers and Caretakers are so arrogant not knowing their work are dirty jobs, like cleaning the toilet bowls, etc.
During the Live session, the two guys in Taiwan were bombarded by text messages on their timeline for uttering such arrogant words and unacceptable demeanor towards their fellow OFW.
Other Pinay were demanding to terminate the two from their work or cut the overtime so that they will learn  a lesson.
One guy in the video made a public apology for what he had done. But some Pinays cannot get over for insult they got from their very own fellow OFW.
Now, there is always a lesson we learn from the incident, always be responsible for what we are doing. In social media, we must first think before we click. A mistake is a mistake and cannot be undone.
And try not to underestimate our fellowmen, we are from the same country and yet you are doing this and the whole world is watching. Be careful my friend, because the Filipina are most respected
among all.

watch video here!!!
Video credit to the owner and with permission from the Pinay Taiwan Group


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