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Ways to quit smoking in less than a week? Must know!

Many are addicted to smoking even  the young age are involved in smoking. sometimes we are thinking on how to quit smoking. nowadays with technology, the cigarettes had been slowly replaced with the E-cigarette which is still a cigarette but with lower nicotine unlike with the regular cigarette  has a high amount of nicotine.

But we really don't care if that is E-cigarette still it has the negative effect on our health and the health of people around us.

According to those who survive without a cigarette in their life. they really find it hard how to quit, some quit because they had already felt the negative effect of the cigarette in their body, too much coughing or chest pain, hard to breathed so they stop in smoking. Some also trying to quit because they do not want their child to inhale the smoke from a cigarette or maybe their parents, wife or girlfriend wants them to stop smoking.

It is indeed hard to quit because you are already addicted to smoking. but there some better ways on now to quit smoking. first, you do if you are consuming 1 pack of cigarette or 20 pieces per day , it would be helpful if you would try little by little, 10 pieces  maybe for 1 day until gone. If you try this, at first you would feel that it seems your mouth is watering or craving to lit a cigarette, craving a menthol feeling in your mouth. A better replacement for this, try to eat menthol candy, this really a very effective way. Many of quitters use only menthol candy as a replacement until they stop smoking.
So every time their mouth is watering and craving for a cigarette they would eat a menthol candy.

As far as we know nicotine is the addictive substance that found in a cigarette that would trigger our neurotransmitter dopamine in our  brain. so these the most better way in order to solve our problem. Quit smoking before it is late. It cost much money in for your hospital bills.

It is not yet late to stop smoking, why not try and live a healthy life.

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