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Are you planning to work and live in Canada?   There is a good news for all Overseas worker who is aiming to work in Canada. Last Monday Immigration Minister John McCallum announced that next year they will welcoming a set of 300,000 migrants. This is because the population eases economic pressure linked to an aging population.

This proposal of Canada is aiming to triple the population of the country by the end of centuries.

"In 2016, we jumped to 300,000 largely as a consequence of our special actions on Syrian refugees," McCallum said.

"What I am announcing today is that for 2017 we will make that 300,000 permanent and it will become the foundation for future growth in immigration," he said, adding that this rate is "40,000 above the historic norm."

The Canadian Immigration  is expecting half of the incoming immigrants are job seeker and investors.

Everyone can check on official website of Canadian Visa for further information. And other job seekers must apply on a legal agencies and brokers.

So beware of all who are planning to work in Canada, there is so many fake agencies and brokers trying to deceive. Again beware of scammers!!!

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