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Bureau of Custom in the Philippines is one of the worst and corrupt department in the government. There so many reported incidents of corruption yet the government finds it hard to stop. The past administrations had attempted to stop the corruption yet fail, now the present administration of Pres. Duterte is very eager and sincere to stop the corruption in custom. But still, there are some incidents of stealing even if the government had already warned them.

Last week an OFW from Taiwan had sent his balikbayan box to his province in the Philippines. He sends through EEC Taiwan but he was disappointed when his family in the Philippines had told him that the balikbayan box which he sends had been open on one side.

The OFW had been advised to not open the box but to report it to the authority so that they may verify and know what had happened to the balikbayan box.

It is sad that still there some thieves personnel  in the bureau of custom, this is not the first time incident under the new administration. The fears of the OFW are still within.  I remember one of the businessman in China whom I transact with, I am convincing them to open a branch in the Philippines for the expansion of their company, yet they were so hesitant to open because they told me that the Bureau of Custom in the Philippines is one of the most corrupt customs in the world. And I did not argue with them because they know and I know the situation.

So to all OFW with this kind of problems please do not ignore, instead report it to the bureau of custom for legal actions.


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