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Contractualization or "endo," as it cracks down on employers engaged in the practice, one of the country's largest business groups

While firing employees before the end of the six-month probationary period to avoid paying additional benefits is illegal, the labor department should give employment options for "seasonal" and "special" projects,

In the data October 2016 10,000 + is already been regular in their work right now on their data November 2016 24,358 in just one month it already been double the number according to their data after the government released contradict to end of contract of the employees in the Philippines,

Secretary Silvestre Bello III said. were hoping to reduce by 50% about the incidence of the end of a contract and illegal contextualization before the end of this year we will no longer have an end  of contract

but on the other side, it turns to the bloody procedure, the Department of Labor and Employment need to have consultations and meeting to different companies in the Philippines

The Department of Labor and Employment conducted 178 consultations and meeting attended by 12,104 representatives from 8,722 establishment/principal/contractors resulting to the voluntary regularization of 21,515 workers

Aside from that the 11,534 Department of Labor and Employment inspected establishment/principal/contractors and found 227 slot violation affecting 12,338 workers and 1,661 engaged in labor-only contracting with 36,852 affected workers. the  establishment/principal/contractors regularized 2,843 workers

"they don't want the idea of regularization because of unionism and many of them are complaining in that when the employee becomes regular it is difficult to discipline him," Secretary Silvestre Bello III said

According to the department of Labor and Employment, they can do such thing to regularized their employees, on the list of establishment undertaking voluntary compliance lots of them are big companies in the Philippines, however, if some employees lose their job the government provides ENDO fund 200 million pesos for allocating financial assistance for those who lose their job in the middle of  fight against end of contact, along with ENDO fund it also giving some livelihood assistance and training programs.

This is something we have made very clear with this, that the endo must stop, this is what the President wants.
Rodrigo Duterte is working on enhancing the quality of the lives of every  Filipinos.
He is a brave man who gonna do courageous things in accordance with his good will to provide a better life to his countrymen...
Years from now I can clearly see the success of the Philippine government under President Rodrigo Duterte


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